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Dietary Administration of Ethanol and Methanol Extracts of Withania somnifera Root Stimulates Innate Immunity, Physiological Parameters and Growth in Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus

-280. Min, E. Y., Kang, J. C. (2008): Effect of waterborne benomyl on the hematological and antioxidant parameters of the Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus . Pesticide Biochemistry and Physiology, 92, 3, 138-143. Moundipa, P. F., Beboyl, N. S. E., Zelefack, F., Ngouela, S., Tsamo, E., Schill, W. B., Monsees, T. K. (2005): Effects of Basella alba and Hibiscus macranthus extracts on testosterone production of adult rat and bull Ley dig cells. Asian Journal of Andrology, 7, 4, 411-417. Mukherjee, D., Ghosal, I., Hancz, C., Chakraborty, S. B. (2018

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Nutritional Effects on Boar Taint in Entire Male Pigs: A Review

REFERENCES Achour B, Barber J, Rostami-Hodjegan A (2011): Cytochrome P450 pig liver pie: determination of individual cytochrome P450 isoform contents in microsomes from two pig livers using liquid chromatography in conjunction with mass spectroscopy. Drug Metabolism and Disposition, 39, 2130–2134. doi: 10.1124/dmd.111.040618. Andresen O (1976): Concentrations of fat and plasma 5-alpha-androstenone and plasma testosterone in boars selected for rate of body-weight gain and thickness of back fat during growth, sexual-maturation and after mating. Journal

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Potential Health Benefits of Bread Supplemented with Defatted Flaxseeds under Dietary Regimen in Normal and Type 2 Diabetic Subjects

, 341, 132-140. Thompson P. D., Cullinane E. M., Sady S. P., Contrasting effects of testosterone and stanozolol on serum lipoprotein levels. JAMA., 1989, 261, 1165-1168. Toro G., Ackerman P. G., Practical Clinical Chemistry, 1 st edition, Little, Brown and Company, Boston USA; 1975, 352-359. Trinder P., Determination of glucose in blood using an oxidaseperoxidase system with a non-carcinogenic chromogen. J. Clin. Path., 1969, 22, 158-161. Ugochukwu N. H., Babady N

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Localization of Estrogen Receptors in Male Reproductive Tissues and Sperm Cells – A Review

of the midpiece. Human Reproduction, 20, 3481–3487. doi: 10.1093/humrep/dei267. Vaucher L, Funaro MG, Mehta A, Mielnik A, Bolyakov A, Prossnitz ER, Schlegel PN, Paduch DA (2014): Activation of GPER-1 estradiol receptor downregulates production of testosterone in isolated rat Leydig cells and adult human testis. PLoS ONE, 9, e92425. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0092425. Wang C, Liu Y, Cao JM (2014): G protein-coupled receptors: extranuclear mediators for the non-genomic actions of steroids. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 15, 15412–15425. doi

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Is there a host sex bias in intestinal nematode parasitism of the yellow-necked mouse (Apodemus flavicollis) at Obedska bara pond, Serbia?


Fifty-one yellow-necked mice from the Obedska bara locality were analysed for the presence of intestinal nematode parasites in order to assert whether there was a host sex bias in infection. Previous research indicated that males would be the more infected sex, either due to the immunosuppressive effect of testosterone or their different allocation of resources towards immune defence. Quantitative infection parameters were compared between host sexes for all nematode species and nematodes in general. In addition, the influence of host sex, age, total body length, body mass and presence of other nematode species on parasite abundance was analysed. No statistically significant differences between males and females were noted for any of the studied quantitative parameters, leading to an absence of sex-biased parasitism in this study.

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