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Geostatistical modeling of porosity data in ‘oba’ field, onshore Niger Delta

. World Appl Sci J 18(1), pp.135–141. [4] Karatas, B.S., Camoglu G., Olgen M. (2013): Spatio-temporal analysis of the depth and salinity of the groundwater using geostatistics integrated with GIS, the Menemen Irrigation System, Western Turkey. Int J Environ (Ekoloji) 22(86), pp.36-47. [5] Doust, H., Omatsola, M. (1990): Petroleum geology of the Niger delta. Geological Society, London, Special Publications , 50, pp.365–365. [6] Whiteman, A (1982): Nigeria: its Petroleum Geology, Resources and Potential. Graham and Trotman, London. [7] Stacher

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Geo-electrical assessment of coefficient of permeability and porosity of leachate plume at Asin dumpsite, Iwaro-oka, southwestern Nigeria

transport models; Journal of Hydrology 267, 125-146. [10] Zhou, Q. Y., H. Matsui, and J. Shimada, (2002). Temporal variations of three-dimension rainfall infiltration process in heterogeneous soil: Water Resources Research, 38; [11] Zhou, Q.Y., H. Matsui, and J. Shimada, 2004, Characterization of the unsaturated zone around a cavity in fractured rocks using electrical resistivity tomography: Journal of Hydraulic Research, 42, 25-31. [12] Cyril Chibueze Okpoli 2013 a: “Sensitivity and

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A review of the bioretention system for sustainable storm water management in urban areas

urban hydrology and its consequences for receiving waters: A state of the art. Adv. Water Resour; 51 , 261–279. [4] National Research Council. 2009. Urban storm water management in the United States , The National Academies, Washington, D.C. [5] Kaushal, S.S., Belt, K.T. (2012): The urban watershed continuum: Evolving spatial and temporal dimensions. Urban Ecosyst; 15 , 409–435. [6] Nelson, E.J., Booth, D.B. (2002): Sediment sources in an urbanizing, mixed land-use watershed. J. Hydrol; 264 , 51–68. [7] Carey, R.O., Hochmuth, G.J., Martinez

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Physico-chemical trends in the sediments of Agbede Wetlands, Nigeria

spatial and temporal variations in water quality of Gomi River (India): a case study. Water Research , 38, pp. 3980–3992.

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Geochemical assessment of claystone deposits from the Patti Formation, Southern Bida Basin, Nigeria

sedimentary rocks from north eastern Labrador, Canada. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 61(19), pp. 4115–4137. [10] Bhatia, M.R. (1983): Plate tectonics and geochemical composition of sandstones. Journal of Geology , 91, pp. 611–627. [11] Roser, B.P., Korsch, R.J. (1986): Determination of tectonic setting of sandstone mudstone suites using SiO 2 content and K 2 O/Na 2 O ratio. Journal of Geology , 94, pp. 635–650. [12] Lopez de Luchi, M.E., Hoffmann, A.S., Wemmer, K., Steeken, A. (2003): Temporal constraints on the polyphase evolution of the Sierra de

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Integrating knowledge-based multi-criteria evaluation techniques with GIS for landfill site selection: A case study using AHP

. 16. [13] Evans, A.J., Kingston, R., Carver, S. (2004): Democratic input into the nuclear waste disposal problem: the influence of geographical data on decision making examined through a web-based GIS. Journal of Geographical Systems, 6, pp. 117-132. [14] Jankowski, P., Robischon, S., Tuthill, D., Nyerges, T., Ramsey, K. (2006): Design considerations and evaluations of a collaborative, spatio-temporal decision support system. Transactions in GIS, 10, pp. 335-354. [15] Makropoulos, C., Butler, D., Maksimovic, C.(2003

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Geochemistry of Fluvial Sediments from Geregu, Southwest Nigeria

. International Research Journal of Geology and Mining, 3(6), pp. 206-212. [16] Taylor, S.R., McLennan, S.M. (1985): The Continental Crust: Its Composition and Evolution. Blackwell: Oxford. [17] Kogbe, C.A. (1976): Geology of Nigeria. Elizabethan Publishing Company: Lagos. [18] Adiotomre, E.E., Ejeh, O.I., Adaikoph, E.O. (2014): Temporal variation in the textural characteristics of clastic sediments from Geregu, Ajaokuta, Nigeria. International Journal of Scientific and Engineering Research, 5(8), pp. 60-65. [19

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