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Temporality in Manyōshū

= subjunctive conjecture; SPEMPH = subjunctive poetic emphasis; TEMPART = temporal particle; TOM = Time Orientation Metaphor; TOP = topic. CDJJ – Comprehensive dictionary of Japanese after historical periods: Jōdai period (Jidai-betsu Kkokugo Dai-jiten: Jōdai-hen). DCJCT – A dictionary of Classical Japanese with complete translation (Zenyaku kogo jiten). GDJL – Great dictionary of Japanese language (Nihon kokugo dai-jiten). KGDCJ – Kadokawa Great Dictionary of Classical Japanese (Kadokawa Kogo Dai-jiten). PfM – 1000 poems from the Manyōshū: The complete

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Reverse perspective as a narrative technique in Amerindian prosaic texts

: temporality, aspectuality, modality, and the nature of narrative. In Herman, D. Narratologies: new perspectives on narrative analysis. Ohio State University: Columbus Press, p. 42-66. Momaday, N.S. (1969). The way to rainy mountain. New Mexico: University of New Mexico Press. Momaday, N.S. (1996). Interview. Sun Valley: Idaho. Momaday, N.S. (1998). House made of dawn. N.Y.: Harper and Row Publishers. Propp, V. (2011). Morphology of the folktale. Austin: University of Texas Press. Sandner, D

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Where, why, and how? Topophones in Ray Bradbury's science fiction

aspektakh. Tezy dopovidej mizhvuzivs'koyi konferentsii . Kyyiv: Kyyivs'kyj derzhavnyj pedahohichnyj instytut inozemnykh mov, s. 49-51. / Новикова Н.М. Взаимодействие топонимической и антропоцентрической подструктур в структуре художественного текста. In Художній текст в культурному, філологічному та лінгвістичному аспектах . Тези доповідей міжвузівської конференції . Київ: Київський державний педагогічний інститут іноземних мов, с. 49-51. Ogneva, E.A. (2016). Spatio-temporal continuum as the base of text landscape model dynamics. In Net journal “Research result

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American postmodern poetic texts: in search of rhythmicity

центр КНЛУ. Karpichenkova, E.P. (1981). The role of the temporal component in the rhythmic organization of the verse (phonetic research on the material of modern English poetry) . Thesis for the Candidate Degree in Philology, Speciality 10.02.04 – Germanic Languages. Moscow: Moscow Moris Torez State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages. / Karpichenkova, E.P. Rol’ temporal’nogo komponenta v ritmicheskoj organisatsii stikha (eksperymental’no-foneticheskoye issledovaniye na materiale sovremennoj anglijskoj poezii) . Dissertatsiya na soiskanie uchenoj

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Conceptualization of motion in communicative space in English

Abbreviations Adj – adjective Cont – continuous G – goal Lim – limited N – noun Noncont – non-continuous O – object P – path Postpos – postposition Prep – preposition S – source Unlim – unlimited V – verb VCMS – verbal constructions of motion in space Vmov – verb of movement References Alcaraz-Carrión, D. & Valenzuela-Manzanares, J. (2017). Temporal co-speech gestures: a comparison between spatial and non-spatial temporal expressions. In Book of abstracts. International cognitive linguistics conference: linguistic

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From defamiliarization to foregrounding and defeated expectancy: Linguo-stylistic and cognitive sketch

’ pryzmu teoriyi mental’nykh prostoriv. In Visnyk Luhans’koho natsionalnoho universytetu imeni Tarasa Shevchenko. Filologichni nauky , 14 (1), s. 28-32. / Давидюк Ю.Б. Ефект ошуканого очікування крізь призму теорії ментальних просторів. In Вісник Луганського національного університету імені Тараса Шевченка. Філологічні науки , 14 (1), с. 28-32. Davydyuk, Yu.B. (2015). Defeated expectancy in semantic, temporal, and plot structure in the English literary text . Thesis for the Candidate Degree in Philology, Speciality 10.02.04 – Germanic Languages. Kyiv: Kyiv

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Autonomous metacommunicative lexicon and its specifics in manipulative discourse

meta-communicative lexicon of English. A contribution to historical pragmatics . Busse, U. & Hübler, A. (eds.). Amsterdam-Philadelphia: John Benjamins Publishing Company, p. 111-128. Volkova, L.M. (1987). Semantics and pragmatics of particles in modern English (on the basis of particles with a temporal meaning) . Thesis for the Candidate Degree in Philology, Speciality 10.02.04 – Germanic Languages. Kiev: Kiev State Pedagogical University of Foreign Languages. / Volkova, L.M. Semantika i pragmatika chastits v sovremennom angliyskom yazyike (na materiale

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