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Interpreting Games: Meaning Creation in the Context of Temporality and Interactivity


The concept of interpretation applied to texts, videos, pictures, posts and all other types of media is varied. Objects are open to different forms of interpretation and games, as objects of meaning, are no exception. Explicating meaning creation in games will create a better understanding of game functions and their effects. This study explores how games alter the process of meaning creation through investigating their detailed properties and differentiation from other forms of media as objects of interpretation. This study argues that understanding meaning creation in games entails more than an examination of the presentation layer by a deeper analysis that considers interactivity and temporality. It contends that due to the interactive nature of games, the role of player participation is vital because gamers influence the operative mechanics of games and hence their meanings.

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Feminist Graphic Narratives: The Ongoing Game of Eluding Censorship

of the 2003 Iraq War. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences , 8 (2), 147–153. Mhamdi, C. (2017d). Interpreting Games: Meaning Creation in the Context of Temporality and Interactivity. Mediterranean Journal of Social Sciences, 8 (4), 39-46. Milani, F. (1992). Veils and Words: The Emerging Voices of Iraninan Women Writers . New York: Syracuse University Press. Sabin, R. (2001). Comics, Comix, and Graphic Novels: A History of Comic Art . London: Phaidon. Nyberg, A. (1998). Seal of Approval: The History of the Comics Code. Mississippi

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Gender Role Attitudes among Higher Education Students in Jordan

Science Research, 29 (2), 258-283. doi:10.1006/ssre.1999.0669 Foshee, V., & Bauman, K. (1992). Gender Stereotyping and Adolescent Sexual Behavior: A Test of Temporal Order1. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 22 (20), 1561-1579. doi:10.1111/j.1559-1816.1992.tb01757.x Hajnalka, F. (2014). Gender role attitudes among higher education students in a borderland CentralEastern European region called ‘Partium’. CEPS Journal, 4 (2), 49-70. Harrison, L. A., & Lynch, A. B. (2005). Social Role Theory and the Perceived Gender Role Orientation of Athletes

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Burnout and Depressive Symptomatology of the Employees in Institutions of Chronic Diseases

and burnout syndrome. Medicinski Pregled, 66(3-4), 153-162. Toker, S. & Biron, M. (2012). Job burnout and depression: unraveling their temporal relationship and considering the role of physical activity. Journal of Applied Psychology, 97(3), 699-710. doi: 10.1037/a0026914. Tragea, P., Damigos, D., Mavreas, V., & Gouva, M. (2012). Burn out among Greek physical therapists. Interscientific Health Care, 4(2), 77-82. Tselebis, A., Gournas, G., Tzitzanidou, G., Panagiotou, A., & Ilias, I. (2006). Anxiety and depression in

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