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is an archaeological and anthropological analysis of a grave pertaining to the Únětice culture and discovered in Holubice, in the Praha-západ district. In the tomb pit the remains of an adult male laid on his right side with his lower limbs sharply bent, had been buried. The skeleton was found to be only partially preserved. Only the frontal bone (os frontale), the major part of the left parietal bone (parietale sin) and a part of the left temporal bone (temporale sin) were preserved. The preserved part of the skull presents signs of a slash trauma including a

, classifying and ultimately preserving them in both physical and digital form, so they can be used today. He was also a historic individual who lived (temporally and psychologically) within the various political systems, monarchic and republican, and time periods, early modern, medieval, colonial and postcolonial, which inform these essays. Thus, the documents he collected canvas a vast period of time in global and particularly South Asian history, from the eleventh to the twentieth centuries, in emphasizing how a peripheral state and peripheral dynasty came into