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Model of Construction Subcontractors Selection with Time Windows for their Availability

”, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management 125(6): 420-427, 1999. 18. M.M. Marzouk, A.A. El Kherbawy, M. Khalifa, “Factors influencing sub-contractors selection in construction projects”, HBRC Journal 9: 150-158, 2013. 19. K. Neumann, J. Zimmermann, “Procedures for resource leveling and net present value problems in project scheduling with general temporal and resource constraints”, European Journal of Operational Research 127: 425-443, 2000. 20. S.T. Ng, M. Skitmore, W.F. Chung, “Ten basic factors to indentify suitable subcontractors for

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Damage Detection of A T-Shaped Panel by Wave Propagation Analysis in the Plane Stress / Wykrywanie Uszkodzen W Tarczy Typu T Z Uzyciem Analizy Propagacji Fal W Płaskim Stanie Naprezenia


A computational approach to analysis of wave propagation in plane stress problems is presented. The initial-boundary value problem is spatially approximated by the multi-node C0 displacement-based isoparametric quadrilateral finite elements. To integrate the element matrices the multi-node Gauss-Legendre-Lobatto quadrature rule is employed. The temporal discretization is carried out by the Newmark type algorithm reformulated to accommodate the structure of local element matrices. Numerical simulations are conducted for a T-shaped steel panel for different cases of initial excitation. For diagnostic purposes, the uniformly distributed loads subjected to an edge of the T-joint are found to be the most appropriate for design of ultrasonic devices for monitoring the structural element integrity

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The Influence of the Soil Environment on the Corrosivity of Failure Infrastructure - Case Study of the Exemplary Water Network

. Michałowska, A. Pekala, „Spatio-temporal analysis of soil properties for the eastern border of European Union”. Advances and Trends in Engineering Sciences and Technologies II, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2017, pp. 407-412, DOI/book/10.1201/9781315393827

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Study on the Westley Maclean Model and the Co-Orientation Model and their Exemplification in an Industrial Enterprise

& Social Sciences Reviews, vol .7, pp. 332-340. [4] Hanneke S., Mellon C., Xing E. P. (2010), Discrete temporal models of social networks , Electronic Journal of Statistics, vol. 4, pp. 585-605. [5] Hurme T.-R., Veermans K., Palonen T., Järvelä S. (2008), Exploring changes in network structures during online discussions , ICLS’08 Proceedings of the 8th international conference on International conference for the learning sciences, vol. 1, pp. 382-389. [6] Lars Elleström L. (2018), A medium-centered model of communication , Semiotica, vol. 224, pp

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The Significance of an Antenna for Jamming Resistance of a GPS Receiver

., Greaves M., Cruddace P., GNSS threat quantification in the United Kingdom in 2015, ‘Coordinates’, 2016, Vol. XII, Issue 01. [5] Extreme space weather: impacts on engineered systems and infrastructure, Royal Acad. of Engineering, London 2013, [online], [access 12.09.2014]. [6] Falen, G. L., Analysis and Simulation of Narrowband GPS Jamming Using Digital Excision Temporal Filtering, Master’s thesis, Air University, Air Force Institute of Technology, Ohio 1994. [7] Global Navigation Space Systems

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Overview of Modern Nosql Database Management Systems. Case Study: Apache Cassandra

References [1] [2] N.Q.Mehmood, R.Culmone, L. Mostarda: Modeling temporal aspects of sensor data for MongoDB NoSQL database , J Big Data(2017) 4:8 [3]

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