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Genetic and environmental factors in the etiology of schizophrenia - towards mainstreaming

analysis of differentially methylated genes in schizophrenia, implicating GABA receptor B1 [GABBR1] and protein kinase B [AKT1], 2015. 12. Ripke S., Sanders A.R., Kendler K.S. Genome-wide association study identifies five new schizophrenia loci, 2011. 13. Kirov G., Pocklington A.J., Holmans P., Ivanov D., Ikeda M. De novo CNV analysis implicates specific abnormalities of postsynaptic signalling complexes in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia, 2012. 14. Gulsuner S., Walsh T., Watts A.C., Lee M.K., Thornton A.M. Spatial and Temporal Mapping of De Novo

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Hyper-coherence and increased energy of gamma oscillations in patient with first onset schizophrenia and cerebral white matter damage

disorder and schizophrenia. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 2013: 47(12), 1893-1901. 17. Stoica P., Moses R. Spectral Analysis of Signals. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2005 18. Mallat S. G., Zhang Z. Matching Pursuit with time-frequency dictionaries. IEEE Transactions On Signal Processing,1993; 41(12), 3397-3415. 19. Franaszczuk P. J, Bergey G. K., Durka P. J., Eisenberg H. M. Time-frequency analysis using the matching pursuit algorithm to seizures originating from mesial temporal lobe. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology

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Modern faces of hysteria, or some of the dissociative disorders

and brain PET findings in 3 cases of dissociative amnesia: disproportionate retrograde deficit and posterior middle temporal gyrus hypometabolism. Neurophysiol Clin., 2014; 44(4): 355-362. 14. Jha M. i Sharma V. Dissociative Fugue Disorder: Identification and Psychological Intervention. Psychol Stud, 2015; 60 (1): 17-24. 15. Igwe M.N. Dissociative fugue symptoms in a 28-year-old male Nigerian medical student: a case report. J Med Case Rep., 2013; 7: 143. 16. Tomalski R. Aleksytymia i dysocjacja. Psychoterapia, 2008, 2(145): 35-43. 17

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Clinical Manifestations of Self-disorders in Schizophrenia Spectrum Conditions

: 79–83. 55. Nordgaard J., Revsbech R., Henriksen M.G. Self-disorders, neurocognition, and rationality in schizophrenia: A preliminary study. Psychopathology, 2015; 48: 310–316. 56. Nordgaard J., Handest P., Vollmer-Larsen A., Sæbye D., Thejlade Pedersen J., Parnas J. Temporal persistence of anomalous self-experience: A 5 years follow-up. Schizophr Res, 2017; 179: 36-40. 57. Maj M. The critique of DSM-IV operational criteria for schizophrenia. Brit J Psychiatry, 1998; 172: 458–460.

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Towards integrating phenomenology and neurocognition: Possible neurocognitive correlates of basic self-disturbance in schizophrenia

;30:14-21. 68 Blakemore S-J, Smith J, Steel R, Johnstone EC, Frith CD: The perception of self-produced sensory stimuli in patients with auditory hallucinations and passivity experiences: Evidence for a breakdown in self-monitoring. Psychological Medicine 2000;30:1131-1139. 69 Ford JM, Mathalon DH, Whitfield S, Faustman WO, Roth WT: Reduced communication between frontal and temporal lobes during talking in schizophrenia. Biological psychiatry 2002;51:485-492. 70 Ford JM, Gray M, Faustman WO, Heinks TH, Mathalon DH: Reduced gamma-band coherence to distorted feedback

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Obstetric complications in women with schizophrenia

. Schizophr Res. 2001; 47: 167–175. 26. Castle DJ, Mc Garth J, Kulakarni J. Women and schizophrenia: an epidemiological perspective. New York; wyd. Cambridge University Press: 2000. 27. Takahashi S, Matsuura M, Tanabe E, Yara K, Nonaka K, Fukura Y et al. Age at onset of schizophrenia: Gender differences and influence of temporal socioeconomic change. Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 2001; 52:153-6. 28. Jaracz K, Górna K, Kiejda J, Rybakowski J, Prospektywna ocena wczesnego przebiegu schizofrenii u kobiet i mężczyzn po pierwszej hospitalizacji psychiatrycznej

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Uncommon psychopathological syndromes in psychiatry

, 20:283–284. 83. Kearns A., Cotard’s syndrome in a mentally handicapped man. Br. J. Psychiatry, 1987, 150:112–114. 84. Campbell S., Volow M.R., Cavenar J.O., Cotard’s syndrome and the psychiatric manifestations of typhoid fever, Am J Psychiatry, 1981, 138:1377–1378. 85. Drake M.E.J., Cotard’s syndrome and temporal lobe epilepsy, Psychiatry J. Univ Ott, 1988, 13:36–39. 86. Hu W.T., Diesing T.S., Meissner I., Cotard’s syndrome in a patient with superior sagittal sinus thrombosis [abstract], Biol Psychiatry, 2006, 56:263S. 87. Bathia M

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