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Impact of g-Load Shift on Temporal Expression Pattern of Apoptosis-linked Proteins in the Rat Mammary Gland

of proapoptotic proteins during the pregnancy-to-lactation transition in a mammary gland of an experimental animal model. Therefore, in the present investigation, we extended our preceding study to quantify the temporal distribution of apoptosis-related proteins, namely Cleaved Caspase-3 (CC-3), Tumor Protein p53 (p53), and vitamin D receptor (VDR) in the mammary tissue harvested from rats exposed to HG during the periparturient period employing quantitative immunohistochemistry. Methods Animals and Treatment Condition The research approval, experimental

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Musculoskeletal Outcomes from Chronic High-Speed High-Impact Resistive Exercise

Introduction Musculoskeletal changes to chronic exercise offer a temporal framework for which to anticipate strength improvements and/or attenuation of in-flight losses from exercise hardware and/or protocols. Temporal changes refer to the rate and magnitude of adaptations over time, which help formulate training strategies to limit in-flight strength losses and thereby optimize long-term musculoskeletal health for long-term exposure to microgravity ( Fleck and Kraemer, 2014 ). Two 60-day bed rest studies assessed temporal adaptations to concurrent exercise

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On the Dynamic Response Prediction at the Full-Scale Test of Aircraft Component

Sensors . Amsterdam & Boston: Elsevier Academic Press, 2008. [17] G. C. Goodwin and R. L. Payne, Dynamic System Identification: Experiment Design and Data Analysis . Academic Press, 1977 [18] S. A. Billings, Nonlinear System Identification: NARMAX Methods in the Time, Frequency, and Spatio-Temporal Domains . Wiley, 2013. [19] T. P. Gialamas, D. A. Manolas, and D. T. Tsahalis, “Predicting the Dynamic Behaviour of a Coupled Structure Using Frequency-Response Functions,” Journal of Aircraft , vol. 39, issue 1, pp

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The Time-Space Approach in the Analysis of Traffic Safety on Rural Road

Analysis and Prevention 18 (1), 1–12, 1986 . [5]. S. BAČKALIĆ: “ Temporal analysis of the traffic accidents occurence in Province of Vojvodina ”, Transport Problems, International scientific journal, Volume 8, Issue 1, ISSN 1896-0596, 2013. [6]. S. BAŠIĆ, T. BAČKALIĆ, D. JOVANOVIĆ: “ Temporal and time series forecasting as a tool for traffic safety analysis ”, X International Symposium “ROAD ACCIDENTS PREVENTION 2010”, Novi Sad, Serbia, ISBN 978-86-7892-279-4. 2010 [7]. M. ABDEL-ATY, A. PANDE: “ Crash data analysis: collective vs. individual crash

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