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Spatio-Temporal Characteristics of the Bluetongue Epizooty in the Balkan Peninsula from 2014 to February 2015

surveillance. Spatio and Spatio-temporal epidemiology 1, 105-116. PMid:22749467 13. Commission of the European Communities. European Commission Decision of 20 November 2000 Implementing Council Directive 2000/75/EC Concerning the specific provisions for the control and eradication of bluetongue, Off J Eur Comm, 327, 22.12.200, p.74. 14. Statistica version 7. Software for statistical analysis. Available from: 15. QGIS. A free and open source geographic information system. Available from

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Detection Of Equine Arteritis Virus In The Semen Of Stallions In The Republic Of Serbia

., Rawdon, T.G., Pharo, H., Stone, M: Evidence for absence of equine arteritis virus in the horse population of New Zealand. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 2013, 61, 5, 300-304. 4. McCollum WH, Prickett ME, Bryans JT: Temporal distribution of equine arteritis virus in respiratory mucosa, tissues and body fluids of horses infected by inhalation. Research Veterinary Science 1971, 12, 459–464. 5. Collins JK, Kari S, Ralston SL, Bennet DG, Traub-Dargatz JL, McKinnon AO: Equine viral arteritis in a veterinary teaching hospital. Preventive Veterinary Medecine 1987

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Changes in the Concentrations of Acute Phase Proteins in Calves during the first Month of Life / Promene Koncentracije Proteina Akutne Faze Tokom Prvog Meseca Života Teladi

nonspecific resistance to bacterial infections in mice. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 1993, 37:2527-2533. 16. Orro T, Nieminen M, Tamminen T, Sukura A, Sankari S, Soveri T: Temporal changes in concentrations of serum amyloid-a and haptoglobin and their association with weight gain in neonatal reindeer calves. Comp Immun Microbiol Infect Dis 2006, 29:79-88. 17. Probo M: Newborn calve´s features in relation to the type of delivery. Graduate Thesis, University of Milan, 2012, 58-64. 18. Egli CP, Blum JW: Clinical, haematological

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Increased Activity of Hippocampal Antioxidant Enzymes as an Important Adaptive Phenomenon of the Antioxidant Defense System in Chronically Stressed Rats

environmental stress. Environ Health Perspect 1994, 102(10):5-12. 5. Prasad KN, Cole WC, Kumar B: Multiple antioxidants in the prevention and treatment of Parkinson’s disease. J Am Coll Nutr 1999, 18:413-423. 6. Masood A, Nadeem A, Mustafa SJ, O’Donnell JM: Reversal of oxidative stress-induced anxiety by inhibition of phosphodiesterase-2 in mice. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 2008, 326(2):369-379. 7. de Paula Brotto MA: Temporal Effects of Stress by Immobilization and Sensitivity of the Isolated Rat Pacemaker to Isoproterenol: Roles of

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Concentrations of bone morphogenetic protein-15 (BMP-15) and growth differentiation factor-9 (GDF-9) in follicular cysts, mono - and polyoocyte follicles in gilts

MM Eppig JJ: Synergistic roles of BMP15 and GDF9 in the development and function of the oocyte-cumulus cell complex in mice: genetic evidence for an oocyte-granulosa cell regulatory loop. Dev Biol 2004, 27: 64-73. 7. Paradis F, Novak S, Murdoch GK, Dyck MK, Dixon WT, Foxcroft GR: Temporal regulation of BMP2, BMP6, BMP15, GDF9, BMPR1A, MPR1B, BMPR2 and TGFBR1 mRNA expression in the oocyte, granulosa and theca cells of developing preovulatory follicles in the pig. Reproduction 2009, 138: 115-129. 8. Stankiewicz T, Błaszczyk B, Udała J

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SNP Genetic Diversity Within a Fragment of the Gene Myo15a Responsible for the Hearing Process in a Population of Farmed and Free-Living Animals of the Canidae Family/SNP Genetski Deverzitet U Okviru Fragmenta Gena Myo15a, Odgovornog Za Sluh U Populaciji Životinja Familije Canidae U Uslovima Farmskog I Slobodnog Uzgoja

. Nat Cell Biol 2005, 7:148-156. 21. Delprat B, Michel V, Goodyear R, Yamasaki Y, Michalski N, El-Amraoui A, Perfettini I, Legrain P, Richardson G, Hardelin JP, Petit C: Myosin XVa and whirlin, two deafness gene products required for hair bundle growth, are located at the stereocilia tips and interact directly. Hum Mol Genet 2005, 14:401-410. 22. Schneider ME, Dosé AC, Salles FT, Chang W, Erickson FL, Burnside B, Kachar B: A new compartment at stereocilia tips defned by spatial and temporal patterns of myosin IIIa expression. J Neurosci

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Macro-Elements Composition of Cystic and Follicular Fluid in the Ovaries and their Relationship to Peripheral Blood Concentration in Sows / Odnos Sastava Makroelemenata Folikularne I Cistične Tečnosti Jajnika I Njihove Koncentracije U Perifernoj Krvi Krmača

, Sun YF, Yi KL, Chen L, Li XY, Wang XL, Zhou X: Comparative Proteomic Analysis of Follicular Fluids from Normal and Cystic Follicles in Sows. Reprod Dom Anim 2011, 46, 889-895. 15. Hunter MG, Robinson RS, Mann GE, Webb R: Endocrine and paracrine control of follicular development and ovulation rate in farm species. Anim Reprod Sci 2004, 82-83: 461-477. 16. Paradis F, Novak S, Murdoch GK, Dyck MK, Dixon WT, Foxcroft GR: Temporal regulation of BMP2, BMP6, BMP15, GDF9, BMPR1A, MPR1B, BMPR2 and TGFBR1 mRNA expression in the oocyte

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Impact of climate change on ivy (Hedera helix L.) expansion in forests of Central Poland

R eferences Bakkenes, M., Alkemade, J.RM., Ihle, F., Leemans, R., Latour, J.B. 2002. Assessing effects of forecasted climate change on the diversity and distribution of European higher plants for 2050. Global Change Biology , 8, 390–407. DOI:10.1046/j.1354-1013.2001.00467.x Berner, U., Streif, H.J. 2004. Klimafakten: der Rückblick – ein Schlüssel für die Zukunft., 4 Auflage. Schweizerbartˋsche Verlagsbuchthandlung, Stuttgart, Germany. Bernhardt-Romermann, M., et al. 2015. Drivers of temporal changes in temperate forest plant diversity vary

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Preliminary serological and molecular investigation of selected viral pathogens in Croatian cervid species

, Schettler E: Serological survey for potential diseases agents of free-ranging cervids in six selected National Parks from Germany. J Wildl Dis 2006, 42:836-43. 14. Gaffuri A, Giacometti M, Tranquillo VM, Magnino S, Cordioli P, Lanfranchi P: Serosurvey of Roe Deer, Chamois and Domestic sheep in the Central Italian Alps. J Wildl Dis 2006, 42:665-90. 15. Ruiz-Fons F, Reyes-Garcia AR, Alcaide V, Gortazar C: Spatial and temporal evolution of Bluetongue virus in wild ruminants, Spain. Emerg Infect Dis 2008, 14:951-53. 16. Lorca-Oro C, Lopez-Olvera JR, Ruiz

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Looking for the causes of and solutions to the issue of honey bee colony losses

:1302-1329. 119. Fries I: Nosema ceranae in European honey bees ( Apis mellifera ). J Invertebr Pathol 2010, 103:S73–S79. 120. Gisder S, Hedtke K, Möckel N, Frielitz MC, Linde A, Genersch E: Five-year cohort study of Nosema spp. in Germany: does climate shape virulence and assertiveness of Nosema ceranae ? Appl Environ Microb 2010, 76:3032–3038. 121. Gisder S, Schüler V, Horchler LL, Groth D, Genersch E: Long-term temporal trends of Nosema spp. infection prevalence in Northeast Germany: Continuous spread of N. ceranae , an emerging pathogen of honey bees

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