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The need to improve screening and diagnostic methods in occupational irritant dermatitis


Modern medicine has increasingly directed its interest towards discovering the etiology of occupational dermatitis, but unfortunately it is not completely elucidated. As with other occupational diseases, the presence of the exposure and the temporal relation between the exposure and the appearance of the characteristic signs is a defining element, but obtaining the information on the etiological factors is not always easy, therefore the attention must be directed to a systematic collection of these data. Clinical diagnosis is not sufficient, so additional paraclinical tests are needed for a complete diagnosis. Currently, more and more emphasis is being placed on experimental studies targeting the discovery of molecular or genetic markers that complement the idea of individual susceptibility in the appearance of contact dermatitis. As frequent as it is difficult to diagnose, occupational dermatitis is still a public health problem.

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Monotherapy of experimental metabolic syndrome: II. Study of cardiovascular effects

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Chronic alcoholism-mediated metabolic disorders in albino rat testes

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Lead toxicity: a review

exposure relates to temporal changes in IQ, violent crime, and unwed pregnancy. Environ Res 83 : 1–22. Park SK, O’Neill MS, Vokonas PS, Sparrow D, Wright RO, Coull B, Nie H, Hu H, Schwartz J. (2008). Air Pollution and Heart Rate Variability: Effect Modification by Chronic Lead Exposure. Epidemiology 19 : 111–120. Patrick L. (2006). Lead toxicity, a review of the literature. Part 1: Exposure, evaluation, and treatment. Altern Med Rev 11 : 2–22. Pearce JMS. (2007). Burton’s line in lead poisoning. Eur Neurol. 57 : 118–119. Pearson HA

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Toxicity, mechanism and health effects of some heavy metals

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Different experimental approaches in modelling cataractogenesis

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Collagenases and gelatinases in bone healing. The focus on mandibular fractures

., Koike T., Kitajima S. et al.: Temporal and quantitative analysis of expression of metalloproteinases (MMPs) and their endogenous inhibitors in atherosclerotic lesions. Histol Histopathol., 23, 1503, 2008.

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