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Team Learning Processes and Activities in Organization: A Case Study

Role of Structures, Processes and Boundaries in a Longitudinal Case Analysis. Journal of Change Management , 5(3), 311-328. Guchait, P. & Hamilton, K. (2013). The temporal priority of team learning behaviors vs. shared mental models, in service management teams. International Journal of Hospitality Management , 33, 19-28. Harvey, S., Peterson, R. S. & Anand N. (2014). The Process of Team Boundary Spanning in Multi-Organizational Contexts. Small Group Research , 45(5), 506-538. Hedlund, E. & Österberg, J. (2013). Team Training, Team Learning

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The relativity of luxury - a luxury product from a perspective of Polish and foreign consumers


Luxury product is a very ambiguous concept. The most commonly cited in the literature barrier to the creation of a universal definition of luxury is the relativity of the concept. The relativity of luxury nature of the product takes the form of regional, temporal, economic, cultural, situational, and also due to the individual characteristics of the consumer. It should be therefore considered how to shape the product and which marketing tools should be used, to give and keep a luxury image of it. Analysis of the literature in the field of sciences such as management, sociology, psychology or marketing clearly indicates the growing interest in both the concept of luxury as well as luxury goods. It should be noted, however, that according to the results of research on the perception of luxury, consumers from different countries, cultures show different features of the product as important from the point of view of the luxury nature of the good. The aim of article is identification of differences in the perception of luxury between consumers from different countries, representing different cultures, as well as the specifics of managing a luxury product depending on the country of its origin.

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An overview on the correlation between the economic status of a country and the population’s health indicators

temporal variations and correlation analysis of per capita GDP and longevity indicators in China. Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics , 61(1), 93-102. Woolridge, J.M. (2012). Introductory Econometrics: A Modern Approach, Fifth Edition . Retrived from Xinming S., Gong C. & Xiaoying Z., (2010), Chinese Life Expectancy and Policy Implications , Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, Volume 2, Issue 5, 2010, Pages 7550-7555

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The influence of consumer protection on the satisfaction of airline passengers

. 185–197 Cristea, I., Ionescu, O.C. & Stanciu, V. (1980). Transportul aerian de pasageri şi de marfă . Editura Tehnică, Bucureşti, p. 81, pp. 125-170 Dudás G., Boros L. & Vida G. (2017). Comparing the temporal changes of airfares on online travel agency websites and metasearch engines. TOURISM , 65 (2), pp. 187-203 ECC România (2018). Raport anual 2015 . Retrieved from Eurostat. Air transport of passengers . Retrieved from

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Time to act: discourse on time in crowdfunding for social entrepreneurship project

:// . Davidson, R., & Poor, N. (2015). The barriers facing artists’ use of crowdfunding platforms: personality, emotional labor, and going to the well one too many times. New Media & Society , 17(2), 289-307. Davis, B.C., Hmieleski, K.M., Webb, J.W., Coombs, J.E. (2017). Funders’ positive affective reactions to entrepreneurs’ crowdfunding pitches: the influence of perceived product creativity and entrepreneurial passion. Journal of Business Venturing, 32(1), 90-106. Flaherty, M. (2003). Time work: customizing temporal experience. Social

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Choice Under Uncertainty: The Settlement Decisions of Serbian Self-Initiated Expatriates in the United States

migration. Annual Review Anthropology, 9, 135–159. Goodwin, R., Polek, E., & Bardi, A. (2012). The temporal reciprocity of values and beliefs: A longitudinal study within a major life transition. European Journal of Personality, 26, 360–370. doi: 10.1002/per.844 Grieger, I. (2008). A cultural assessment framework and interview protocol. In L. A. Suzuki & J. K. Ponterotto (Eds.), Handbook of multicultural assessment: Clinical, psychological, and educational applications (3 rd ed.) San Francisco, CA: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Hoppe, A., & Fujishiro

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Case Study about Germans and Thais: Impact of Locus of Control and Organization-Based Self-Esteem on Affective Organizational Commitment & Job Performance

:// [14 July 2017]. Twenge, J.M., Zhang, L. & Im, C. (2004) It’s beyond my control: a cross-temporal meta-analysis of increasing externality in locus of control, 1960–2002. Personality Socical Psychological Review , vol. 8, no. 3, pp. 308–319. Twenge, J.M., Campbell, S.M., Hoffman, B.J. and Lance, C.E. (2010) Generational Differences in Work Values: Leisure and Extrinsic Values Increasing, Social and Intrinsic Values Decreasing. Journal of Management , vol. 36, pp. 1117–1141. Üzümceker, E. (2016) The Limits of the use of Locus of Control in

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An Influence Prediction Model for Microblog Entries on Public Health Emergencies

belongs to the medical industry, and temporal features include period of time, day of the week, whether the publishing date is an official holiday, and the development stage of epidemics. As the topical features are seldom investigated in similar studies, content features are also considered and represented by the topics involved in microblog entries. First, in the category of publishers’ features, the publisher’s type is determined by the certification information and the name of the publisher. According to the Sina Weibo’s certification system, all of the certified

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Consumer in Sports: Fan typology analysis

. (1997) Not now, honey, I’m watching the game. New York: Fireside. 217-227 Rozanski, H.D., Baum A.G., Wolfsen, B.T., (1999) ‘Brand Zealots: Realizing the Full Value of Emotional Brand Loyalty’, Strategy+business, vol. 17, pp. 51-62 Redden, J., & Steiner, C.J. (2000) ‘Fanatical consumers: towards a framework for research’, Journal of Consumer Marketing, vol. 17, no. 4, pp. 322-337 Richin, M.C., & Bloch, P.H. (1986) ‘After the new wears off: The temporal context of product involvement’, Journal of Consumer Research, vol. 13

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What Motives Users to Participate in Danmu on Live Streaming Platforms? The Impact of Technical Environment and Effectance

the time of Danmu comments sent by users is actually different ( Johnson, 2013 ). Pseudo-proximity captures the space dimension and has been further classified into spatial proximity and temporal proximity ( Fan et al. 2018 ). Spatial proximity refers to the physical closeness between the Danmu comment area and the focal area of the video section, whereas temporal proximity refers to the temporal closeness between the Danmu and the video ( Fan et al., 2018 ). Comment-content congruency reflects the support dimension and refers to the consistency between the content

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