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Interpreting Games: Meaning Creation in the Context of Temporality and Interactivity


The concept of interpretation applied to texts, videos, pictures, posts and all other types of media is varied. Objects are open to different forms of interpretation and games, as objects of meaning, are no exception. Explicating meaning creation in games will create a better understanding of game functions and their effects. This study explores how games alter the process of meaning creation through investigating their detailed properties and differentiation from other forms of media as objects of interpretation. This study argues that understanding meaning creation in games entails more than an examination of the presentation layer by a deeper analysis that considers interactivity and temporality. It contends that due to the interactive nature of games, the role of player participation is vital because gamers influence the operative mechanics of games and hence their meanings.

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SAIS Service Quality and Student’s Satisfaction Towards the Implementation of Student Activity Information System (SAIS): The Moderating Role of SAIS Service Convenience

Journal of Medical Informatics , 77, pp.679-688. [7] Hair Jr, J. f., Hult, G.T.M., Ringle, C. and Sarstedt, M., 2017. A Primer on Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLSSEM) . Sage Publications. [8] Hair, J.F., Ringle, C.M., and Sarstedt, M., 2011. PLS-SEM: Indeed a Silver Bullet. Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice , 19(2), pp.139-152. [9] Heinonen, K., 2006. Temporal and Spatial E-service Value. International Journal of Service Industry Management , 17(4), p.380-400. [10] Jay, C., 2004. E-Services: Satisfying Customers

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Investigating the effect of governance on unemployment: a case of South Asian countries

the response comes back to the horizontal/zero line, one can say that the response is temporal and will subside in the given time periods that take the response to come to zero line. If the response deviates from zero line, we can comment that the impulse has a nonconvergent and nontemporal response to the shock. It can be related to theory by seeing if some policy shocks produce temporary effects or a longer and accumulating effect adding up over time and changing the pattern of the economic changes. These responses are graphically represented in Figure 3

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Safety Management of Water Economy. Case Study of the Water and Sewerage Company

wodociągowym” in Zarządzanie przedsiębiorstwem wodociągowym. Uwarunkowania funkcjonowania i współczesne koncepcje zarządzania . P. Chudziński, Ed. Warszawa: PWE, 2018, pp.185-202. [4] R. Brouwer, C.M. Ordens, R. Pinto, M.T. Condesso de Melo. (2018, May). „Economic valuation of groundwater protection using a groundwater quality ladder based on chemical threshold levels”. Ecological Indicators. Vol. 88, pp. 292-304. DOI: 10.1016/j.ecolind.2018.01.041. [5] D. Carstens, R. Armer. (2019, Feb.). „Spatio-temporal analysis of urban changes and surface water quality

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Mechanics of Investment Drivers in Chinese Economy

China : An application of global data envelopment analysis. Applied Energy , 147 , 617–626. 28. Wei, S., Xie, Z., & Zhang, X. (2017). From “Made in China” to “Innovated in China”: Necessity, Prospect, and Challenges. Journal of Economic Perspectives , 31 (1), 49–70. 29. WTO. (2018). World Trade Statistical Review. World Trade Organisation . 30. Xie, H., & Wang, W. (2015). Exploring the Spatial-Temporal Disparities of Urban Land Use Economic Efficiency in China and Its Influencing Factors under

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What Makes Work Meaningful

: meaningful work experience for individuals and organizations. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 24(1), 2-17. Bailey, C., Madden, A. (2015). Time reclaimed: temporality and meaningful work. Work, Employment and Society. 2. Bailey, C., Madden, A. (2016). What makes work meaningful - or meaningless? MIT Sloan Management Review, 57 (4). Chalofsky, N. (2003). An emerging construct for meaningful work. Human Resource Development International, 6, 69-83. Chalofsky, N

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The Reaction of Private Spending and Market Interest Rates to the Changes in Public Spending

Catching Up with the Joneses. The American Economic Review , 90, 3, pp.356-366. [18] Tsung-wu, H., 2001. Analyzing the Crowding-out Problems of Taiwan. Journal of Economic Development , 26, 1, pp.115-131. [19] Tswamuno, D.T., Pardee, S., Wunnava, P.V., 2007. Financial Liberalisation and Economic Growth: Lessons from the South African Experience. The Journal of Applied Economics , 4, 2, pp.75-89. [20] Uwilingiye, J., Gupta, R., 2009. Temporal Causality between Budget Deficit and Interest Rates: The Case of South Africa. The Indian Economic Journal

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Automating Forward and Reverse Supply Chains in the Context of Industry 4.0

-44. Cerquides, J., Endriss, U., Giovannucci,. A., Rodriguez-Aguilar, J. A. (2007). Bidding languages and winner determination for mixed multi-unit combinatorial auctions. s.l., IJCAI, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers Inc.. Chan, F., Chan, H., Jain, V. (2012). A framework of reverse logistics for the automobile industry. International Journal of Production Research, 50(5), 1318-1331. Collins, J., Ketter, W., Gini, M., Mobasher, B. (2002). A multi-agent negotiation testbed for contracting tasks with temporal and precedence constraints. International Journal of

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Co-Movements Of U.S. And European Stock Markets Before And After The 2008 Gloal Stock Market Crash

, Vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 1835-1853. Meric, I., Taga, L.S., Gishlick, H.E., Meric, G., (2015), Co-movements of the world’s stock markets before and after the 2008 stock market crash, Journal of Strategic and International Studies, Vol. 10, no. 1, pp. 74-81. Philippatos, G.C., Christofi, A., Christofi, P., (1983), The inter-temporal stability of international stock market relationships: Another view, Financial Management, Vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 63-69. R Core Team (2013). R: A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing. R

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Value Management in Non-Profit Organizations - The First Step

. Lubatkin M., Chatterjee S. - The strategy-shareholder value relationship: testing temporal stability cross market cycles [in] Strategic Management Journal, No.12, pp. 251-270, 1991. Marcinkowska M. - Kształtowanie wartości firmy. Wyd. Naukowe PWN, Warszawa 2000. Nowotny S. - Wizerunek trzeciego sektora w opinii publicznej [in] Trzeci Sektor, No. 5, pp.7-29, 2006. Ospina S., Diaz W., O'Sullivan J. - Negotiating Accountability: Managerial lessons form identity-based nonprofit organizations

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