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, included to ensure that participants attended to the images as well as to the probes. These trials featured a pair of eye or nose images rather than one image of each type. Participants were instructed to press the middle mouse button in these catch trials, regardless of probe identity. During the assessment tasks, eye movements were recorded using an Eyelink 1000 system running at a spatial accuracy of .25°–.5°, a spatial resolution of .01°–.05°, and a temporal resolution of 1,000 Hz. The eye-tracking camera was linked to a separate host PC to the one displaying the

disability, diabetes mellitus, diabetes insipidus and psychosis itself. Only Long et al. (2015) attempted to explore the alternative causes of new incontinence. Clozapine associated nocturnal enuresis should only be considered once the mentioned have been excluded. – The diagnostic tool was used to determine the presence of nocturnal enuresis. Those studies that relied solely on patient recall had less power than those that used a validated questionnaire during the interview setting. – The temporal relationship between clozapine initiation and the timing of NE

of medial frontal lobe regions and related limbic structures. These motor disturbances resemble neurological symptoms of adult patients with dysfunction of the basal ganglia and associate regions of temporal lobe ( Damasio & Maurer, 1978 ), which is proved by the further studies demonstrating increased frontal lobe functions in children with autism ( Ozonoff, 1995 ; Ozzonoff et al, 1994 ; Prior & Hoffman, 1990 ). Some researchers argued that autism is a disorder of prefrontal cortex ( Minshew & Godlstein, 1993 ; Rogers & Pennington, 1991 ). But others explained

usually found at low concentrations in energy drinks and is thought to enhance the stimulating properties of caffeine. Studies made on guarana show that the herb improves decision-making performance ( Pomportes et al., 2014 ), temporal performance ( Pomportes et al., 2017 ), task performance ( Kennedy et al., 2004 ), working memory and attentional processing ( Scholey et al., 2013 ). Promising effects in some cognitive domains were found by Haskell et al. (2007) , Kennedy et al. (2004) , Scholey et al. (2013) and Nehlig (2010) . We decided to perform this

temporality, and the use of self-administered questionnaires may introduce recall bias. Use of questionnaire can add recall bias in measurement of mental health indicators. Important variables such as use of pharmacological or psychological treatments among the respondents were not known, which can add bias in the study. Acknowledgements None. Ethical approval Ethical approval for this study was received from Ethical Review Board of CMH Lahore Medical College & Institute of Dentistry, Lahore Cantt, Pakistan. Informed consent Written informed consent was obtained from all