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, Diabetologia, 2010, 53(5), 914-923. Lipsky B.A. Tabak Y.P. Johannes R.S. Vo L. Hyde L. Weigelt J.A. Skin and soft tissue infections in hospitalized patients with diabetes: culture isolates and risk factors associated with mortality length of stay and cost, Diabetologia 2010 53 5 914 – 923 [13] Meltzer P.E., Kelemen G., Pyocyaneous osteomyelitis of the temporal bone, mandible and zygoma, Laryngoscope, 1959, 69(10), 1300-1316. Meltzer P.E. Kelemen G. Pyocyaneous osteomyelitis of the temporal bone mandible and zygoma, Laryngoscope 1959 69 10 1300 – 1316 [14] Chandler J

number of DCGs; e 1 ( e 2 ) is the expression value of DCG j in condition 1 (condition 2), and r 1 ij ( r 2 ij ) represents the correlation of TF i and DCG j in condition 1 (condition 2). 2.5 PPI network for DEGs Human PPIs have the potential for understanding disease mechanisms and signaling cascade, smaller scale, more specific interaction maps [ 18 ]. PPI networks are relevant from a systems biology point of view, as they may help to uncover the generic organization principles of functional cellular networks, when both spatial and temporal aspects of


Temporal dynamics of soil nematode community structure at the depth of 0 — 30 cm was compared under invasive Ambrosia trifida and native Chenopodium serotinum in an abandoned cropland in Northeast China. The results showed the difference of nematode taxa and dominant genera under A. trifida and C. serotinum during the study period. Acrobeloides and Paratylenchus were found to be dominant genera under both A. trifida and C. serotinum. Helicotylenchus prevailed in soil with C. serotinum, while Macroposthonia was dominant in soil with A. trifida. Nematode taxa was higher under A. trifida than under C. serotinum from June to September. Except in the July, significantly higher numbers of plant-parasites were observed under A. trifida than under C. serotinum during the study period (P < 0.05). Nematode taxa, Simpson index and structure index were found to be sensitive indicators that detected nematode community structural differences under A. trifida and C. serotinum during the study period.

, Y. (2006): Spatio-temporal effect on soil respiration in finescale patches in a desert ecosystem. Pedosphere, 16: 1–9 [32] Pen-Mouratov, S., Berg, N., Genzer, N., Ukabi, S., Shargil, D., Steinberger, Y. (2009): Do slope orientation and sampling location determine soil biota composition? Front. Biol. China, 4: 364–375 [33] Rowell, D. L. (1994): Soil Science: Methods and Applications. London: Longman Group UK Ltd. [34] Saleska, S. R., Harte, J., Torn, M. S. (1999): The

the wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus in Dunas de Mira, Portugal. Acta Parasitol., 51: 300–308. DOI: 10.2478/s11686-006-0046-0 [12] Ernest, S. K. M., Brown, J. H., Parmenter, R. R. (2000): Rodents, plants, and precipitation: Spatial and temporal dynamics of consumers and resources. Oikos, 88: 470–482 [13] Feliu, C., Gracenea, M., Torregrosa, M. (1987): Consideraciones ecológicas sobre la helmintofauna de Apodemus sylvaticus (Linnaeus, 1758) (Rodentia: Muridae) en el Pirineo

temporal and localized effects on gut glucose metabolism assessed using 18F-FDG PET in mice. J Nucl Med 54, 259-266, 2013. McCreight LJ, Bailey CJ, Pearson ER. Metformin and the gastrointestinal tract. Diabetologia 59, 426-435, 2016. Oh JR, Song HC, Chong A, Ha JM, Jeong SY, Min JJ, Bom HS. Impact of medication discontinuation on increased intestinal FDG accumulation in diabetic patients treated with metformin. Am J Roentgenol 195, 1404-1410, 2010. Ozulker T, Ozulker F, Mert M, Ozpacaci T. Clearance of the high intestinal (18)F-FDG uptake associated with metformin after

, implicating GABA receptor B1 [GABBR1] and protein kinase B [AKT1], 2015. 12. Ripke S., Sanders A.R., Kendler K.S. Genome-wide association study identifies five new schizophrenia loci, 2011. 13. Kirov G., Pocklington A.J., Holmans P., Ivanov D., Ikeda M. De novo CNV analysis implicates specific abnormalities of postsynaptic signalling complexes in the pathogenesis of schizophrenia, 2012. 14. Gulsuner S., Walsh T., Watts A.C., Lee M.K., Thornton A.M. Spatial and Temporal Mapping of De Novo Mutations in Schizophrenia to a Fetal Prefrontal Cortical Network, 2013. 15. 15.Schmitt

., Goldová, M., Kočišová, A. (2005): Actual diseases of the game on the territory of the Slovak Republic. Programme and abstracts of IV. International Symposium on Wild Fauna, 4. — 9. 9. 2005, Tatranská Lomnica: 67–71 [12] Miterpáková, M., Dubinský, P., Reiterová, K., Machková, N., Várady, M., Šnábel, V. (2003): Spatial and temporal analysis of the Echinococcus multilocularis occurrence in the Slovak Republic. Helminthologia, 40: 217–226 [13] Miterpáková, M., Antolová, D., Várady, M., Dubinský, P. (2005): Parasitofauna of red foxes in the Slovak Republic. Slov. vet. čas

distribution of soil nematode in an age sequence of Caragana microphylla plantations in the Horqin Sandy Land, Northeast China. Ecol. Res., 22: 49–56 [12] Liang, W. J., Li, F. P., Li, Q., Zhang, W. D. (2007a): Temporal dynamics of soil nematode community structure under invasive Ambrosia trifida and native Chenopodium serotinum. Helminthologia, 44: 29–33 [13] Liang, W. J., Zhong, S., Hua, J. F., Cao, C. Y., Jiang, Y. (2007b): Nematode faunal response to grassland degradation in Horqin

R. Spectral Analysis of Signals. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2005 18. Mallat S. G., Zhang Z. Matching Pursuit with time-frequency dictionaries. IEEE Transactions On Signal Processing,1993; 41(12), 3397-3415. 19. Franaszczuk P. J, Bergey G. K., Durka P. J., Eisenberg H. M. Time-frequency analysis using the matching pursuit algorithm to seizures originating from mesial temporal lobe. Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology, 1998; 106(6), 513-521. 20. Stuckey D.E., Lawson R., Luna L.E. EEG gamma coherence and other correlates of subjective