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Temporality in Manyōshū

= subjunctive conjecture; SPEMPH = subjunctive poetic emphasis; TEMPART = temporal particle; TOM = Time Orientation Metaphor; TOP = topic. CDJJ – Comprehensive dictionary of Japanese after historical periods: Jōdai period (Jidai-betsu Kkokugo Dai-jiten: Jōdai-hen). DCJCT – A dictionary of Classical Japanese with complete translation (Zenyaku kogo jiten). GDJL – Great dictionary of Japanese language (Nihon kokugo dai-jiten). KGDCJ – Kadokawa Great Dictionary of Classical Japanese (Kadokawa Kogo Dai-jiten). PfM – 1000 poems from the Manyōshū: The complete

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Vintilă Horia and Trans-Temporal Travel


The Romanian-born European writer Vintilă Horia - whose birth centenary is celebrated this year - was a genuine searcher of truth. His entire work pleads for transgressive-integrating knowledge, in opposition to binary logic and scientism; it is the privileged space of articulation between cognition, creation and gnosis, between the apophatism of science, mystic apofatism and artistic apofatism. Although much less known than the trilogy of exile - Dieu est né en exil (1960), Le chevalier de la résignation (1961) and ¡Perseguid a Boecio! (1983) - the small-sized novel Le voyage à San Marcos (1972) acts as an exemplary attestation to this pompous conjunction. The current article focuses especially on the text’s trans-temporal valence

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Theorising Transnational Migration in Our Times:
A multiscalar temporal perspective

(eds.) 2014, Crisis and migration: implications of the eurozone crisis for perceptions, politics, and policies of migration , Nordic Academic Press, Lund. Boehm, D 2009, ‘¿Quien sabe?”: deportation and temporality among transnational Mexicans’, Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development , vol. 38, no. 2/3/4, pp. 345-374. Brenner, N 1999, ‘Beyond state-centrism? space, territoriality and geographical scale in globalization studies’, Theory and Society , vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 39-78. Brenner, N 2011, ‘The urban

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Temporal Inferences in Conversation

. Sacks, Harvey. 1992. Lectures on conversation, With an introduction by Emanuel A. Schlegloff . Gail Jefferson (ed.) Oxford/ Cambridge, Mass.: Blackwell. Szczepek, Beatrice. 2000. "Functional Aspects of Collaborative Productions in English Conversation." InLiS 21. Smith, Carlota S. 2007. Tense and temporal interpretation. Science Direct. Lingua 117: 419-436 Sperber, Dan and

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Developing Temporal Systems

.M. (2009). One-to-one mapping of temporal and spatial relations. In J. Guo, E. Lieven, N. Budwig, S. Ervin-Tripp, K. Nakamura, & S. Őzçalişkan (Eds.), Crosslinguistic Approaches to the Psychology of Language: Research in the Tradition of Dan Isaac Slobin (pp. 69-80). Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Ass. Weist, R.M. (in press). Future temporal reference in child language. In P. De Brabanter, M. Kissine, & S. Sharifzadeh (Eds.), Future Times: Future Tenses (pp. 87-113). Oxford: Oxford University Press. Weist, R.M. & Buczowska, E. (1987). The

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The Derivations of Temporal Logic Formulas

. Finite sequences and tuples of elements of a non-empty sets. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 3 ):529-536, 1990. [6] Czesław Bylinski. Functions and their basic properties. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 1 ):55-65, 1990. [7] Czesław Bylinski. Functions from a set to a set. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 1 ):153-164, 1990. [8] Czesław Bylinski. Partial functions. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 2 ):357-367, 1990. [9] Mariusz Giero. The axiomatization of propositional linear time temporal logic. Formalized Mathematics

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World, Time And Anxiety. Heidegger’s Existential Analytic And Psychiatry

, & Psychology. 2009;16(2):179-94. 16. Ratcliffe M. Feelings of Being: Phenomenology, Psychiatry and the Sense of Reality. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2008. 17. Stolorow R, Atwood GE. Contexts of being: The intersubjective foundations of psychological life. Hillsdale, NJ: The Analytic Press; 1992. 18. Stolorow R. Trauma and existence. New York: Francis and Taylor Publ; 2007. 19. Stone DA, Papadimitriou C. Exploring Heidegger’s Ecstatic Temporality in the Context of Embodied Breakdown. In: The Schutzian Yearbook, 2010. p. 135-152. 20. Tillich

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The Axiomatization of Propositional Linear Time Temporal Logic

. Temporal Logic and State Systems . Springer-Verlag, 2008. [10] Andrzej Trybulec. Domains and their Cartesian products. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 1 ):115-122, 1990. [11] Andrzej Trybulec. Defining by structural induction in the positive propositional language. Formalized Mathematics , 8( 1 ):133-137, 1999. [12] Zinaida Trybulec. Properties of subsets. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 1 ):67-71, 1990. [13] Edmund Woronowicz. Many-argument relations. Formalized

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The Properties of Sets of Temporal Logic Subformulas

. [10] Czesław Bylinski. Partial functions. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 2 ):357-367, 1990. [11] Czesław Bylinski. Some basic properties of sets. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 1 ):47-53, 1990. [12] Agata Darmochwał. Finite sets. Formalized Mathematics , 1( 1 ):165-167, 1990. [13] Mariusz Giero. The axiomatization of propositional linear time temporal logic. FormalizedMathematics , 19( 2 ):113-119, 2011, doi: 10.2478/v10037-011-0018-1. [14] Mariusz Giero. The derivations of temporal logic formulas

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Evolutionary algorithms and fuzzy sets for discovering temporal rules

Transactions on Fuzzy Systems 15(4): 616-635. Ale, J.M. and Rossi, G. H. (2000). An approach to discovering temporal association rules, Proceedings of the 2000 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC’00), Como, Italy, pp. 294-300. Bayardo, Jr., R.J. and Agrawal, R. (1999). Mining the most interesting rules, Proceedings of the 5th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, San Diego, CA, USA, pp. 145-154. Ben Aicha, F., Bouani, F. and Ksouri, M. (2013). A multivariable multiobjective predictive

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