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Annals of West University of Timisoara - Physics
The Journal of West University of Timisoara
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Nonthermal Argon Plasma Generator and Some Potential Applications

References [1] T. J. M. Boyd, and J. J. Sanderson, “The physics of plasmas”, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge (2003) [2] I. Bica, “The Physics and the Technology of Materials in Plasma”, Mirton Press, Timisoara (2005) [3] I. Bica, Rev. de Sold., Spain, 26 (1996) 191-200 [4] I. Bica, J. Ind. Eng. Chem., 14 (2008) 230-235 [5] I. Bica, J. Ind Eng. Chem., 15 (2009) 304-315 [6] R. Hippler, S. Pfan, and M. Schmidt, “Low temperature plasma physics: fundamental

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Estimating Global Solar Radiation from Routine Meteorological Parameters Over a Tropical City (7.23°N; 3.52°E) Using Quadratic Models

References [1] FAO Corporate Document Respository: “Crop evapotranspiration for computing crop requirement”. [2] Angstom A.S. (1924) “Solar and Terrestrial Radiation” Meteorol. Soc. Vol. 50 pp 121-126 [3] Okundamiya S. and A. N. Nzeako (2010) “Empirical model for estimating global solar radiation on horizontal surfaces for selected cities in the six geopolitical zones in Nigeria,” Research Journal of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology, vol. 2, no. 8, pp. 805–812. [4] Fagbenle RO (1990): Estimation of total solar radiation in

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Determination of Maximum Horizontal Distance (XMHD) Travelled by Landfill Leachate from Lapite Dumpsite in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria

References [1] Shao-gang Dong, Zhong-hua Tang, Bai-wei Liu, and O. D. Orodu, Numerical modeling of the environment impact of landfill leachate leakage on groundwater quality-A field application International Conference on Environmental Science and Information Application Technology. 2009: 565-568 [2] P.B Kjeldsen, M. A. Rooker, A. P. Baun, A. Ledin, A. and T. H Christensen, “Present and long-term composition of MSW landfill leachate: a review”, Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology. 2002: 32, 297-336. [3] D. L. Jensen and T

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Optical Modeling and Simulation of Tandem Metal Oxide Solar Cells

References [1] Ø. Nordseth, R. Kumar, K. Bergum, L. Fara, S. E. Foss, H. Haug, F. Dragan, D. Craciunescu, P. Sterian, I. Chilibon, C. Vasiliu, L. Baschir, D. Savastru, E. Monakhov, B. G. Svensson. Optical Analysis of a ZnO/Cu 2 O Subcell in a Silicon-Based Tandem Heterojunction Solar Cell, Green and Sustainable Chemistry 7 (2017) 57-69 [2] L. Fara, A. Diaconu, F. Dragan. Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Advanced Solar Cells Technologies and PV Market, Journal of Green Engineering 5 (2016) 157-186 [3] Y. Takiguchi, S. Miyajima. Device

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Laser Heating of the Core-Shell Nanowires

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Fluid Flow Control in Domestic Hot Water Systems During Days with Different Radiative Stability Levels

Windows 2002 San Jose CA 95110 USA: SYSTAT Software Inc. 1735 Technology Drive Suite 430.

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Improved Model for Forecasting Global Solar Irradiance During Sunny and Cloudy Days

and Machine Science, Taipei, Taiwan, DOI 10.6567/IFToMM.14TH.WC.OS16.006, (2015). [4] Frontini F., Manfren M., Tagliabue L.C., A case study of solar technologies adoption: criteria for BIPV integration in sensitive built environment , Energy Procedia, 30 (2012), 1006–1015. [5] Hassoun Anwar, Dincer Ibrahim, Development of power system designs for a net zero energy house , Energy and Buildings, 73 (2014), 120–129. [6] Meliss M., Regenerative Energie-Quellen Praktikum , Springer, Berlin (1997). [7] Vișa I., Jaliu C.I., Duță A., Neagoe M

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Comparison Between Measurements and WRF Numerical Simulation of Global Solar Irradiation in Romania

Energy, 84 (2010) 1772-1781, [3] D. Heinemann, E. Lorenz and M. Girodo, Forecasting of solar radiation in: Dunlop, E.D., Wald, L., Suri, M. (Eds.), Solar Energy Resource Management for Electricity Generation from Local Level to Global Scale. Nova Science Publishers, Hauppauge, 2006. [4] A. Mellit and A.M. Pavan, Sol. Energy 84 (5) (2010) 807-821. [5] IEA, Energy Technologies at the Cutting Edge, International Energy Agency, OECD Publication Service, OECD, Paris, 2007. [6] G. Grell, J. Dudhia, and D

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