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Technology-Based Sheet Metal Classification and Coding System

References Mitrofanov S. P.: The Scientific Principles of Group Technology. Bratislava : SVTL, 1960. Hermann J.W., Singh G.: Design Similarity Measures for Process Planning and Design Evaluation, Technical Research Reports, T. R. 97 - 74, Institute for System Research, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1997. Šugar P.: Similarity of objects and processes of machine production, Publish center of Technical University of Zvolen, ISBN 80-228-0904-7, Zvolen

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Additive Manufacturing and Casting Technology Comparison: Mechanical Properties, Productivity and Cost Benchmark

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Identification of Maritime Technology Development Mechanisms in the Context of Latvian Smart Specialisation and Blue Growth

REFERENCES 1. World Economic Forum. (2017). The Global Competitiveness Report 2017–2018 . Retrieved from 2. Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia. (2013). Guidelines for the Development of Science, Technology and Innovation for 2014–2020: Annex “Smart Specialisation Strategy . Retrieved from 3. Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia. (2014). On the Implementation of the Action

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Challenges and Barriers by Transition Towards 4th Generation District Heating System: A Strategy to Establish a Pricing Mechanism

. Environmental and Climate Technologies, 13 , 32–43, DOI: 10.2478/rtuect-2014-0005. 17. Büchele, R., Kranzl, L., & Hummel, M. (2018). What is the impact of the policy framework on the future of district heating in Eastern European countries? The case of Brasov. Energy Strategy Reviews, 19 , 72–75, DOI: 10.1016/j.esr.2017.12.003. 18. Koirala, B., Koliou, E., Friege, J., Hakvoort, R., & Herder, P. (2016). Energetic communities for community energy: A review of key issues and trends shaping integrated community energy systems. Renewable and Sustainable Energy

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Optimization of the Selection Method for Reconstruction of Outworn Gas Distribution Pipeline

Latvia. (n.d.). Doing business evaluation of national gas markets, report for regional gas market coordination group . 9. Chala, G.T., Aziz, A.R.A., & Hagos, F.Y. (2018). Natural gas engine technologies: challenges and energy sustainability issue. Energies, 11 (11), art. no. en11112934. DOI: 10.3390/en11112934 10. Miedema, J.H., Van Der Windt, H.J., & Moll, H.C. (2018). Opportunities and barriers for biomass gasification for green gas in the dutch residential sector. Energies, 11 (11), art. no. en11112969. DOI: 10.3390/en11112969

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Application of Coal Thermal Treatment Technology for Oil-Free Firing of Boilers

electrification of Kazakhstan (vol. 1). Almaty: Nauka. 6. Aliyarov, A.B., Aliyarov, B.K., & Aliayrova, M.B. (2016). Supply of thermal energy in Kazakhstan (features, experience, problems) . Almaty: LEM. 7. Karpenko, E.I., Messerle, V.E., & Konokhov, N.M. (2010). Plasma-Energy technologies of coal use for effective replacement of fuel oil and natural gas in the fuel balance of TPPs. Thermal Energy , 10 , 53–60. 8. Messerle, A. V., Messerle, E., & Ustimenko, A. B. (2017). Plasma thermochemical preparation for combustion of pulverized coal. High Temperature

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Development of Information Models for Increasing the Evaluation Efficiency of Wireless Channel Parameters of 802.11 Standard

REFERENCES 1. Barachi, M., Kara, N., Rabah, S., & Forgues, M. (2015). An Open Virtual Multi-Services Networking Architecture for the Future Internet. Journal of Internet Services and Applications , 6 (3), 1–22. 2. Mykhalevskiy, D. (2017). Development of a Spartial Method for the Estimation of Signal Strength at the Input of the 802.11 Standard Receiver. Easten-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies , 4/9 (88), 29–36. 3. Mussabayev, R.R., Kalimoldayev, M.N., Amirgaliyev, Y.N., Tairova, A.T., & Mussabayev, T.R. (2018). Calculation of 3D

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Mechanisms of Electron Scattering in Uniaxially Deformed Silicon Single Crystals with Radiation Defects

REFERENCES 1. Yang, W., Chen, J., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Y., He, J. H., & Fang, X. (2019). Silicon-compatible Photodetectors: Trends to Monolithically Integrate Photosensors with Chip Technology. Advanced Functional Materials, 29 (18), 1808182. DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201808182. 2. Goley, P. S., & Cressler, J. D. (2019). Silicon-Based Electronic Photonic Integrated Circuits: Resiliency in the Space Environment. Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta United States, 220–223. Available at 3. Zhanshe

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Model Monitoring and Evaluation of Radioactive Contamination

. Systems of Information Processing, 6, 45–47. 4. Yeremeyev, I. S. (2008). Decision-making problems during monitoring of environment in the conditions of uncertainty. In: Proceedings of 10th International Scientific and Technical Conference “ Systems Analysis and Information Technologies”. May, 20-24, 2008. NTUU KPI: Kyiv, 187. Available at: 5. Orsoni, A., Karadimas, N. V. (2006). Municipal solid waste generation modeling based on fuzzy logic. In: Proceedings of 20 th European Conference on Modelling and Simulation . May, 28

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Noise Immunity of the Fibonacci Counter with the Fractal Decoder Device for Telecommunication Systems

, 2 (8), 491–495. 9. Bindu, S. A. (2015). Review on High Speed CMOS Counter Using Altera MAX300A. International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer and Communication Engineering , 4 (12), 589–592. 10. Borysenko, O., Kalashnikov, V., Kalashnikova, N., & Matsenko, S. (2017). The Fibonacci Numeral System for Computer Vision, Computer Vision in Control Systems-3: Aerial and Satellite Image Processing. Springer International Publishing AG , 321–343. 11. Azarov, O. (2015). The high-speed reversible Fibonacci counter. Information Technology and

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