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Technology-Based Sheet Metal Classification and Coding System

References Mitrofanov S. P.: The Scientific Principles of Group Technology. Bratislava : SVTL, 1960. Hermann J.W., Singh G.: Design Similarity Measures for Process Planning and Design Evaluation, Technical Research Reports, T. R. 97 - 74, Institute for System Research, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1997. Šugar P.: Similarity of objects and processes of machine production, Publish center of Technical University of Zvolen, ISBN 80-228-0904-7, Zvolen

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Strain Optical Analysis of 3D Printing Elements in Different Additive Technologies in Comparison with the Finite Element Method

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Kluska E., Gruda P. The accuracy and the printing resolution comparison of different 3D printing technologies . Warsaw: Institute of Aviation, 2017. [2] MESOCOS. DIC Measurements in Engineering Applications. [Online] . [3] Chu T.C., Ranson W.F., Sutton M.A, Peters W.H. Application of digital-image-correlation techniques to experimental mechanics. Experimental Mechanics . 1985, 25(3), 232-244. [4] Lutowski Z., Marciniak B., Marciniak T., Bujnowski S. Precision of

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A Concept of Suborbital Scientific Mission and Technology Validation


Suborbital platforms are one of alternatives for satellites. They offer cheaper access to space to perform broad range of scientific and technology R&D. One of suborbital platforms are sounding rockets, which are suitable for these applications. A concept of scientific mission utilizing the sounding rocket is presented by author in this paper. The novelty of this mission is the operational responsive launch approach, which presents the example of the mission which responds for payload user needs, not payload contest approach, which is often in scientific community competing for payload space in space agency sounding rocket launch campaigns. The main mission goal is to perform astronomical observation of NEO using IR/VIS telescope. The secondary goal is to qualify the instrument for use on astronomical satellite observatory and raise its technology readiness level from TRL 6 to TRL 8. The expected mission output is to gain scientific data on NEO object and perform new IR/VIS optoelectronic instrument technology validation.

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Geopolymer Cements and Their Properties: A Review

References [1] Abdullah, A., Hussin, K., Bnhussain, M., Ismail, K. N. and Ibrahim, W. M. W. (2011), “Mechanism and Chemical Reaction of Fly Ash”, International Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences and Technology 6, 35-44. [2] Abdulkareem, A., Al Bakri Abdullah, M. M., Hussin, K., Ismail, K. N. M. and Binhussain, M. (2013), “Mechanical and Microstructural Evaluations of Lightweight Aggregate Geopolymer Concrete before and after Exposed to Elevated Temperatures”, Materials 6, 4450-4461. [3] Al Bakri, M. M., Mohammed, H., Kamarudin, H., Khairul Niza, I

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Implementation of Automatic Sample and Composite Element Cutting Technologies

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Hashish M., 2013, Trimming of CFRP components , WJTA-IMCA Conference and Expo, September 9-11, 2013, Houston, Texas. [2] Patel R., Bovatsek J., Fujita M., 2017, High-power UV laser has use in CFRP machining,, [3] Ohlsson L., 1995, The theory and practice of abrasive water jet cutting, Doctoral thesis 1995:161D, Lulea University of Technology. [4] Kimlia advertising materials, , 2017. [5] Rimpault X., Chateleain J.-F., Klemberg-Sapieha J.E., Balazinski M., 2016

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The Accuracy and the Printing Resolution Comparison of Different 3D Printing Technologies

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Cantrell J. Rohde J., Damiani D. Experimental Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of 3D-Printed ABS and Polycarbonate Parts. United States of America: University of Florida, 2016. [2] Redood B. Schoffer F., Garret B. The 3D printing handbook: Technologies, design and applications; Materials, Part one: 3D printing Technologies, design and application. Amsterdam: 3D HUBS, November 2017. [3] Chee Kai Chua Murukeshan Vadakke Matham, Young-Jin Kim. World Scientific Series in 3D Printing - Vol. 2: Laser in 3D printing and

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Journal for Technology of Plasticity
The Journal of University of Novi Sad
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Germanium Gradient Optimization for High-Speed Silicon Germanium Hetero-Junction Bipolar Transistors

epitaxial multilayers: III. Preparation of almost perfect multilayers, Journal of Crystal Growth 32 (1976) 265-273 [5] H. Rücker, B. Heinemann, A. Fox. Half-terahertz SiGe BiCMOS technology, In IEEE 12th Topical Meeting on Silicon Monolithic Integrated Circuits in RF Systems (2012) 133–136 [6] B. Heinemann, et al. SiGe HBT technology with f T / f MAX of 300/500 GHz and 2.0 ps CML gate delay, In IEEE 2010 International Electron Devices Meeting (2010) 688–691 [7] P. Chevalier, T.F. Meister, B. Heinemann, et al. Towards THz SiGe HBTs, In IEEE Bipolar

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Durability of crystalline phase in concrete microstructure modified by the mineral powders: evaluation by nanoindentation tests

REFERENCES B obko C.P., 2008, Assessing the mechanical microstructure of shale by nanoindentation: The link between mineral composition and mechanical properties , Doctoral dissertation, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. B oussinesq J., 1885, Applications des potentiels h l’rtude de l’rquilibre et du mouvement des solides 61 astiques , Gauthier-Villars. C onstantinides G., U lm F.J., V an V liet K., 2003, On the use of nanoindentation for cementitious materials , Materials and Structures, 36(3), 191–196. C onstantinides G

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