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Evidence for quantized magnetic flux in an axon

.D. The Electromagnetic Interaction Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ 1973 11 The Nation Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Reference on Constants, Unit, and Uncertainty [Internet]. [Cited June 26, 2019]; Available from The Nation Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Reference on Constants, Unit, and Uncertainty [Internet] [Cited June 26 2019 Available from 12 P. Hawkes (Ed.) Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics (Academic

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Shedding light on dark spots using EIS

My route into the exciting world of electrical bio-impedance started in the late 70’s by not so bio things with applied physics and sensing technologies. My route to the physics department was not straight either, I actually planned to become a theoretical philosopher with a focus on the philosophy of space and time and cosmology. However, my knowledge of physics was found insufficient and during repair of this defect, I fell in love with laboratory work and simply hanged in there during a total thinking makeover, including self-organizing systems and

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Dielectrical properties of living epidermis and dermis in the frequency range from 1 kHz to 1 MHz

sites related to age and sex, Skin Research and Technology 3 (4) (1997) 252-258. 10.1111/j.1600-0846.1997.tb00194.x Nicander I. Nyren M. Emtestam L. Ollmar S. Baseline electrical impedance measurements at various skin sites related to age and sex Skin Research and Technology 3 4 1997 252 – 258 2 P. Åberg, U. Birgersson, P. Elsner, P. Mohr, S. Ollmar, Electrical impedance spectroscopy and the diagnostic accuracy for malignant melanoma

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Enhancing sharp features by locally relaxing regularization for reconstructed images in electrical impedance tomography

dissertation Oxford Polytechnic Cheney, M., Isaacson, D., Newell, J.C., Simske, S. and Goble, J., 1990. NOSER: An algorithm for solving the inverse conductivity problem. International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology, 2(2), pp.66-75. 10.1002/ima.1850020203 Cheney M. Isaacson D. Newell J.C. Simske S. Goble J. 1990 NOSER: An algorithm for solving the inverse conductivity problem International Journal of Imaging Systems and Technology 2 2 66 – 75 Cui, M

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A LabVIEW-based electrical bioimpedance spectroscopic data interpreter (LEBISDI) for biological tissue impedance analysis and equivalent circuit modelling

complementary dedicated software to process and analyze the impedance response of materials. More specifically, this software is required to calculate impedance parameters and extract tissue information by identifying the equivalent electrical circuit of the material being tested. Modern electronics technology offers a number of fast, portable, robust, user-friendly platforms for analog or digital data acquisition and signal processing that can be suitably utilized for developing a standalone impedance measurement workbench. When a standalone impedance measurement workbench

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Possibilities in the application of machine learning on bioimpedance time-series

. Healthcare Technology Letters. 2014;1(3):115-8. 10.1049/htl.2014.0067 26609389 Chester CJ Gaynor PT Jones RD Huckabee M-L Electrical bioimpedance measurement as a tool for dysphagia visualisation Healthcare Technology Letters 2014 1 3 115 – 8 6 Spottorno J, Multigner M, Rivero G, Alvarez L, de la Venta J, Santos M. Time dependence of electrical bioimpedance on porcine liver and kidney under a 50 Hz ac current. Physics in Medicine and Biology. 2008;53(6):1701-13. https

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Peripheral vein detection using electrical impedance method

more attempts to draw blood or other fluids from the vein causing them to experience discomfort and pain [ 1 ]. To gain intravenous access, traditionally a clearly visible and palpable vein is used, but for many reasons such as: the patient's obesity, decreased venous tone, small diameter of veins, poorly contoured or moving vein, abnormal location of the vein, and the nursing staff skill - there is a possibility of unsuccessful punctures and injury. Development of vein visualization technology is particularly useful in such cases. Several devices have been developed

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Dual modality electrical impedance and ultrasound reflection tomography to improve image quality

Electrical Impedance Tomography Based on Nachman Theory, IEEE International Forum on Information Technology and Applications. Yaqin L. 2010 A Novelty Dynamic Image Reconstruction Algorithm in Electrical Impedance Tomography Based on Nachman Theory, IEEE International Forum on Information Technology and Applications

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Estimation of optimal frequencies for electrical impedance-based diagnosis of osteoporosis based on numerical modeling of cancellous bone tissue

close to reality as possible. The electrical properties of these constituents are extracted from reports on the dielectric properties of biological tissues [ 9 , 10 ] ( figures 1 and 2 ). First we built a meshwork model directly in the commercial CST (Computer Simulation Technology AG) electromagnetic simulation software, but considering the limited canonical models in obtaining a realistic geometrical model suitable for the tissue, a realistic model was used which has a relatively appropriate similarity with the actual sample (i.e. microscopic figures of the

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