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East Asian Technical Cooperation Initiatives in Central America: A Comparative Analysis of Japan and South Korea in Guatemala

, Soo Bong and Roknuzzamn Siddiky. 2017. “Does Development Aid Work? Improving Aid Effectiveness in International Development Cooperation Efforts.” Bangladesh e-Journal of Sociology , 14 (2), pp. 120–142. UN (United Nations). 2014. “South-South Development Cooperation.” UN Background Note , pp. 1–4. UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development). 2014. “Transfer of Technology and Knowledge Sharing for Development: Science, Technology and Innovation Issues for Developing Countries.” UNCTAD Report , pp. 1–71. UNCTAD (United Nations

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Tolerance and Human Resources in Science and Technology in East Asia

Creating the next Job Market; The State of Working America.” In Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 25/3, 2006, pp. 741-52. MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). “White Paper on Science and Technology 2003.” 2003, , accessed October 2012 Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications: Statistics Bureau. “2010 Population Census.” , accessed October 2012 Moroder, Barbara. “International Mobility

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Electronic Waste in China, Japan, and Vietnam: A Comparative Analysis of Waste Management Strategies

-waste Recycling Systems in Japan and China.” In World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology, 38, 2010, pp. 500-506 Brigden, Kevin, Iryna Labunska, David Santillo, and Michelle Allsopp. Recycling of Electronic Wastes in China and India: Workplace and Environmental Contamination. Amsterdam: Greenpeace International, 2005 Chi, Xinwen, Martin Streicher-Porte, Mark Y. L. Wang, and Markus A. Reuter. “Informal Electronic Waste Recycling: A Sector Review with Special Focus on China.” In Waste Management, 31, 2011, pp. 731

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The Japanese School Sports Day. The Socio-Cultural Role of a Ritualistic School Event in Contemporary Japan

in 1955: Annual Report of the Ministry- of Education. Tokyo: Ministry of Education, 1957 Ministry of Education, Culture. Sports, Science and Technology. [Fundamental Education Law], Monbukagakushö 2006.<, accessed December 2010 Ministry of Education. Culture. Sports. Science and Technology. "Shögakkö gakushü shidö yoryö tokubetsu katsudö hen [Course of Study for Elementary- Schools: Special Activities]. Monbukagakushö 2008.http:/1www.mext<http://www.mext>.gojp1

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Sustainability in Hunting Licence Systems of Japan and South Korea

-299 Byun Woo Hyuk, So Ra Kim, Won-Myoung Kim, Tae-Mim Kim, and Woo-Kyun Lee. “A GIS Based Study on Spatial Characteristics of Wild Boar Movement.” In Forest Science and Technology, 3/1, 2007, pp. 78-84 CIC - Wildlife (International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation). “Hunting and Wildlife in Korea.” 2012, CIC - Wildlife Budapest,, accessed December 2012 Choi Tae-Young and Chong-Hwa Park. In Wildlife Vehicle Collision by Increasing the Number of Wildlife Passages in Korea. Seoul: Seoul

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Ueno Park during Meiji Times – a Mirror of its Time: Discursive Space and Symbolic Representation of Modernity

Bunko, 1958 Shirahata, Yōzaburō 白幡 洋三郎. “An Encounter of European and Japanese Concepts in the Field of Urban Planning History, with the Urban Park as a Symbolic Example.” In International Symposium : The Transfer of Science and Technology between Europe and Asia, 1780-1880. The Second Conference on the Transfer of Science and Technology between Europe and Asia since Vasco da Gama (1498-1998). November 3-7, 1992, ed. Yamada Keiji. Kyoto and Osaka, Japan: International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 1992 Shirahata, Yōzaburō 白幡洋三郎. Kindaitoshi

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Knowledge Creation in New Ventures Based on the SECI Model: Similarities and Differences Between Japan, South Korea, and Austria

. “Absorptive Capacity: A New Perspective on Learning and Innovation.” In Administrative Science Quarterly, special issue, Technology, 35/1, 1990, pp. 128-152 Davenport, Thomas H., and Laurence Prusak. Working Knowledge: How Organizations Manage What They Know. Boston MA: Harvard Business School Press, 2000 Drexel, Nadja. “Wissensgenerierung in New Ventures basierend auf dem SECI-Modell: Gemeinsamkeiten und Unterschiede zwischen Japan, Südkorea und Österreich.” M.A. thesis, University of Vienna, 2013,, accessed March

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The Kiwifruit Industry and Kiwifruit Production in Western Húnán

ecological integrity of Wulingyuan district, Hunan province]. Shēngtaì xuébaò (Acta Ecologica Sinica) 23 (November 2003): 2414-2423 Cui, Zhi-xue, Hong-wen Huang and Xing-guo Xiao. Actinidia in China. Beijing: China Agricultural Science and Technology Press, 2002 Dù, Jūn 杜军. “Zhuāzhù jīyú. jiākuài wŏ zhōu nóng chănpĭn jiāgōngyè fāzhăn” 抓住机遇 加快我 州农产品加工业发展 [Making use of the opportunity: quicker development of the agricultural production industry in Xiǎngxī]. In Nóngyè chănyèhuà jīngyĭng shìjìan yŭ tànsuŏ 农产业 化经营实践与探索 [Management, practice and exploration of

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Innovation Transfer during the Warring States Period: Considering the Importance of Early China’s Relationship with the Steppes

. Early Riders: The Beginnings of Mounted Warfare in Asia and Europe. New York: Routledge, 2004 Golas, Peter J. Science and Civilisation in China, Vol. 5: Chemistry and Chemical Technology. Part XIII: Mining, edited by Joseph Needham. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1999 Goodrich, Chauncey S. “Riding Astride and the Saddle in Ancient China.” In Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, 44/2, 1984, pp. 279-306 He, Tangkun. “Metallurgy.” In Ancient China’s Technology and Science, edited by Chinese Academy of Sciences

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Chinese Language Press in Austria: Discussing the 2008 Tibetan Unrest in Transnational Spaces

-205 Brukaber, Rogers. “The Return of Assimilation? Changing Perspectives on Immigration and its Sequels in France, Germany, and the United States.” In Ethnic and Racial Studies, 24/4, 2010, pp. 531-548 Bruner, Jerome. Making Stories: Law, Literature, Life. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2003 Chen, Wenhong. “The Impact of Internet Use on Transnational Entrepreneurship - The Case of Chinese Immigrants to Canada.” In New Technologies in Global Societies, edited by Pui-Lam Law, Leopoldina Fortunati, and Shanhua Yang. New Jersey: World

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