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Figure, Ground and the Notion of Equilibria in the Work of Gilbert Simondon and Gestalt theory

Saint-Etienne. Barthélémy, J.-H. (2005). Penser l’individuation. Simondon et la philosophie de la nature. Paris: L’Harmattan. Barthélémy, J.-H. (2008). D’une rencontre fertile de Bergson et Bachelard: l’ontologie génétique de Simondon. In Frederic Worms & Jean-Jacques Wunenburger (Hrsg.). Bergson et Bachelard. Continuite et discontinuite. Paris: PUF. S. 223-238. Barthélémy, J.-H. (2012). Fifty Key Terms in the Works of Gilbert Simondon. In Arne de Boever et al. (Hrsg.). Gilbert Simondon: Being and Technology (S. 203-232). Edinburgh: Edinburgh

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Productive Thinking in Place of Problem-Solving?
Suggestions for Associating Productive Thinking with Text Comprehension Fostering

. Spiro, R. J. (2006). The post-Gutenberg world of the mind: The shape of the new learning. Educational Technology, 46 , 3–4. Spiro, R. J., & DeSchryver, M. (2009). When it’s the wrong idea and when it’s the only idea. In S. Tobias & T. M. Duffy (Eds.), Constructivist instruction. Success or failure ? (pp. 106–123). New York, NY: Routledge. Sweller, J. (2009). What human cognitive architecture tells us about constructivism. In S. Tobias & T. M. Duffy (Eds.), Constructivist instruction. Success or failure? (pp. 34–60). New York, NY: Routledge

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Gestalt Theory
An International Multidisciplinary Journal
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