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Duration and speed of speech events: A selection of methods

., J an P . H . 1997. Methods for O ptimal T ext Selection. In Proceedings 5th Euro. Conf. on Speech Communication and Technology, Vol 2, 553-556. Rhodes, G reece. Campbell, N ick. 1992. Multi-level timing in speech. Brighton, UK : U niversity of Sussex (Exp. P sychol). (Doctoral dissertation.) Carson-Berndsen, J ulie. 1998. Time map phonology: Finite state models and event logics in speech recognition. Dordrecht: K luwer A cademic P ublishers. Cummins, Fred. 1999. Some lengthening factors in E nglish speech combine

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Poetry, Environment and the Possibility of Future. A Review of Sam Solnick’s Poetry and the Anthropocene: Ecology, Biology and Technology in Contemporary British and Irish Poetry (Abingdon: Routledge, 2017)

. Print. Prynne, J. H. “Huts.” Textual Practice 22 (2008): 613–33. Print. Reeve, N. H., and Richard Kerridge. Nearly Too Much: The Poetry of J. H. Prynne . Liverpool: Liverpool UP, 1995. Print. Reid, Christopher, ed. Letters of Ted Hughes . London: Faber, 2007. Print. Solnick, Sam. Poetry and the Anthropocene: Ecology, Biology and Technology in Contemporary British and Irish Poetry . Abingdon: Routledge, 2017. Print. Tarlo, Harriet, ed. The Ground Aslant: An Anthology of Radical Landscape Poetry . Bristol: Shearsman, 2009. Print.

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Don DeLillo’s White Noise: A Virilian Perspective

Challenge of Technology . UK: Lexington, 2009. Print. James, Ian. Paul Virilio . London: Routledge, 2007. Print. Joubert, Dominique, and Christian Carlut. “Paul Virilio.” Ed. John Armitage. Virilio Live: Selected Interviews . London: Sage, 2001. 121–27. Print. Kittler, Friedrich. “The Information Bomb: A Conversation.” Virilio Live: Selected Interviews . Ed. John Armitage. London: Sage, 2001. 97–109. Print. LeClair, Tom. In the Loop: Don DeLillo and the Systems Novel . Urbana: U of Illinois P, 1987. Print. Luke, Timothy, and Gearoid O

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Text Matters
A Journal of Literature, Theory and Culture; The Journal of University of Lodz
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Mobile-assisted learning and higher-education ESP: English for physiotherapy

References 3D4 Medical Essential Anatomy 5. 2018. . (Accessed 2018-02-13.) Ahmad, Anmol & Farruk, Fizza. 2015. Significance of social applications on a mobile phone for English task-based language learning. Teaching English with Technology 15(2). 94-105. Byrne, Jason. 2016. Same time same place: Do MALL classrooms exist? Teaching English with Technology 3(16). 74-84. . (Accessed 2018-03-05.) Grimshaw, Jennica & Cardoso, Walcir & Collins, Laura. 2017. Teacher

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Manuel Castells’ theory of information society as media theory

. Review Essay. Science, Technology, & Human Values 24(1). 159-166. Garnham, Nicholas & Fuchs, Christian. 2014. Revisiting the Political Economy of Communication. tripleC 12(1). 102-141. Howard, Philip N. 2011. Castells and the Media . Cambridge, UK & Malden, MA: Polity Press. McLuhan, Marshall. 1962. The Gutenberg Galaxy . Toronto: University of Toronto Press. McLuhan, Marshall. 1994. Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man . Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press. (First published in 1964) Meyrowitz, Joshua. 2003. Canonic Anti

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The Boundaries of Language: Dealing with Paralinguistic Features

References ABE Isamu. 1967. “On Bio-phonetics.” Bulletin of the Tokyo Institute of Technology 79, 53-57 (cited from CRYSTAL 1976). ABELIN Åsa, ALLWOOD Jens. 2000. “Cross Linguistic Interpretation of Emotional Prosody.” SpeechEmotion-2000 , Newcastle, 110-113. ABERCROMBIE David. 1967. Elements of General Phonetics . Chicago: Aldine. ALAHVERDZHIEVA Katya, FLICKINGER Dan, LASCARIDES Alex. 2012. Multimodal Grammar Implementation , Proceedings of NAACL-HLT , Montpellier

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Lexical Anaphors and Pronouns in Liangmai

cognitive science’ - Evans and Levinson’s cabinet of curiosities: Should we pay the fee?”. Lingua 120(12), 2713-2716. Subbarao K.V. 2012. South Asian Languages: A Syntactic Typology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Subbarao K.V., Everaert Martin. 2012. Case Copying and Case Percolation in Polymorphemic Reciprocals in Dravidian: Some Unique Phenomena. Paper presented at the FASAL 2 Conference, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Dimensions of intonation. Wiktor Jassem’s contribution to the studies on the melody of speech

discriminant functions. Phonetica 44, 245-357. Demenko, Grażyna & Jassem, Wiktor, 1999. Modelling intonational phrase structure with artificial neural networks. Proceedings of EuroSpeech: Sixth European Conference on Speech Communication and Technology. Fant, Gunnar 1960. Acoustic Theory of Speech Production, Mouton. Fant, Gunnar 1962. “Descriptive analysis of the acoustic aspects of speech”, Logos 5, 3-17 Fant, Gunnar 1967. “Auditory patterns of speech”, in Models for the Perception of Speech and Visual Form

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A communicative community of agents

(ed.). 2005. Rozprawy o historii języka polskiego . Zielona Góra: Oficyna Wydawnicza Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego. Hurford James R. 2003. “Why Synonymy is Rare: Fitness is in the Speaker.” In: Banzhaf et al. 2003: 442-451. Kirby Simon. 2002. “Natural Language from Artificial Life.” Artificial Life 8(2), 185-215. Lipowska Dorota. 2011. “Naming Game and Computational Modelling of Language Evolution.” Computational Methods in Science and Technology 17(1-2), 41-51. Lipowski Adam, Lipowska Dorota. 2008

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