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A note on Fukui’s note

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Understanding S-Selection

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A Case of V2 in Chinese

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Chinese Motion-Directional Construction: A Conceptual and Cognitive Analysis

main verbs. Cognitive Semantics 2(2). 133–163. Traugott, Elizabeth Closs, and Graeme Trousdale. 2013. Cosntructionalization and constructional changes . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Van Valin, Robert D Jr, and Randy J LaPolla. 1997. Syntax: Structure, meaning and function . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Yiu, Yuk Man Carine. 2005. Spatial extension: Directional verbs in Cantonese . Hong Kong: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology dissertation. Yiu, Yuk-man Carine. 2013. Directional verbs in Cantonese: A

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The Components of Sideward Movement in the Verb Copying Construction in Mandarin Chinese

relations in Chinese and the theory of grammar. Cambridge : Massachusetts Institute of Technology dissertation. Huang, C.-T. James. 1984. On the distribution and reference of empty pronouns Linguistic Inquiry 15. 531-574. Huang, C.-T. James. 1988. Wo pao de kuai and Chinese phrase structure. Language 64. 274-311. Huang, C.-T. James. 1997. On lexical structure and syntactic projection. Chinese Languages and Linguistics 3. 45-89. Huang, C.-T. James, Audrey Li & Yafei Li. 2009. The syntax of Chinese. Cambridge

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The Silence of Heads

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