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The Israeli-Palestinian Separation Wall and the Assemblage Theory: The Case of the Weekly Rosary at the Icon of Our Lady of the Wall


In this work I analyse the ethnographic case study of the icon of Our Lady of the Wall as establishing a unique ritual landscape among the cement slabs of the Israeli-Palestinian Wall separating Jerusalem from Bethlehem. Although the Wall has been widely described as a technology of occupation on one side and as a device to ensure security on the other, through Latour’s concept of assemblages I unearth its agency in developing a Christian shrine. Through a decade of weekly recitations of the Rosary along the Wall near Checkpoint 300, the Elizabethan nuns of the Caritas Baby Hospital have been invoking Mary’s help to dismantle the Wall. This weekly ritual represents both political dissent against the bordering action enacted by the Wall, as well as giving visibility to the plea of the Palestinian Christian right to live in this territory in the face of their status as an ethnoreligious minority.

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Changing Work Patterns of the Skolt Sámi

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Initiations in the Burmese Ritual Landscape

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Curators With and Without Collections : A Comparative Study of Changes in the Curator’s Work at National Museums in Finland and in the Baltic States

:// (accessed November 6, 2018). Ross, Max. 2004. Interpreting New Museology. - Museum and Society 2 (2): 84-103. Runnel, Pille and Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt, eds. 2014. Democratising the Museum: Reflections on Participatory Technologies. Berlin: Peter Lang Verlag. DOI: Simon, Nina. 2010. The Participatory Museum. Santa-Cruz: Museum 2.0. Stoškutė, Neringa. 2017. Tension Between Everyday Practice and the New Museology Theory: A Case of the National Gallery of

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A Prehistory of Hinduism
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The Pain: How Does Anthropology Look at it? Suffering of Body and Mind

: University of Chicago Press. TÖLLE, R. T. – KAUFMANN, T. – SIESSMEIER, T. et al. (1999): Region-Specific Encoding of Sensory and Affective Components of Pain in the Human Brain: A Positron Emission Tomography Correlation Analysis. In: Ann Neurol 45:40-47. TREEDE, R. D. – KENSHALO, D. R. – GRACELY, R. H. – JONES, A. K. (1999): The Cortical Representation of Pain. In: Pain 79, 105–11110.1016/S0304-3959(98)00184-5. VAN HOLLEN, C. (2003): Invoking vali: Painful technologies of modern birth in South India. In: Medical Anthropology Quaterly 17 (1) 49

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Sensing Athletes: Sensory Dimensions of Recreational Endurance Sports

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Destiny, Miracle Healers and Magical Intervention: Vernacular Beliefs on Involuntary Childlessness in Estonia

by Lauri Harvilahti, Jyrki Kalliokoski, Urpo Nikanne and Tiina Onikki. Helsinki: Suomalaisen Kirjallisuuden Seura, 155–183. Tjørnhøj-Thomsen, Tine. 2005. Close Encounters with Infertility and the Procreative Technology. – Managing Uncertainty : Ethnographic Studies of Illness, Risk and the Struggle for Control , edited by Vibeke Steffen, Richard Jenkins and Hanne Jessen. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press; University of Copenhagen, 71–91. Tjørnhøj-Thomsen, Tine and Helle Ploug Hansen. 2015. Managing Uncertanties, Gaining Control: The Magic of Foods

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Cultural Identities in Sustaining Religious Communities in the Arctic Region: An Ethnographic Analysis of Religiosity from the Northern Viewpoint

. 2016. The Determinants of Sustainable Entrepreneurship of Immigrants in Lap-land: An Analysis of Theoretical Factors. – Entrepreneur Business and Economic Review 4 (1): 129–159. DOI: . Zhang, Y.; A. Baral and B. R. Bakshi. 2010. Accounting for Ecosystem Services in Life Cycle Assessment II: Toward an Ecologically Based LCA. – Environmental Science & Technology 44 (7): 2624–2631. DOI: . Zoethout, Carla M. 2013. Ritual Slaughter and the Freedom of Religion: Some Reflections on

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