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Gait Training in Orthopedic Rehabilitation after Joint Replacement - Back to Normal Gait with Sonification?

functional performance and gait one year after total knee arthroplasty despite improved self-reported function. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy : Official Journal of the ESSKA , 25 (11), 3378–3386. Okoro, T., Lemmey, A. B., Maddison, P., & Andrew, J. G. (2012). An appraisal of rehabilitation regimes used for improving functional outcome after total hip replacement surgery. Sports Medicine, Arthroscopy, Rehabilitation, Therapy & Technology , 5 (4). Pietschmann, J., & Jöllenbeck, T. (2015a). Visuelles

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Validation of Sensor-Based Game Analysis Tools in Tennis

References BABOLAT. (2018a). Retrieved November 27, 2018, from BABOLAT. (2018b). Retrieved November 27, 2018, from Brody, H., Cross, R. & Lindsey, C. (2002). The Physics and Technology of Tennis . Solana Beach, Calif. : Racquet Tech Pub. HEAD. (2018). Retrieved November 27, 2018, from Keany, E.M. & Reid, M. (2018). Quantifying hitting activity in tennis with racket sensors: new dawn or false dawn? Sports Biomechanics . https

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Possibilities to Use a Virtual Opponent for Enhancements of Reactions and Perception of Young Karate Athletes

References Bandow, N. (2016). Bestimmung der Antizipationsfähigkeit im Karate-Kumite unter Nutzung der virtuellen Realität. [Analysis of anticipation in karate kumite by use of virtual reality]. Berlin: epupli Verlag . ISBN: 978-3-7418-0131-0. Cheung, K.L., Tunik, E., Adamovich, S.V. & Boyd, L.A. (2014). Neuroplasticity and Virtual Reality. In: P.L. (Tamar) Weiss et al. (eds.). Virtual Reality for Physical and Motor Rehabilitation, Virtual Reality Technologies for Health and Clinical Applications, 5-24. DOI: 10.1007/978-1-4939-0968-1_2 Craig

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Data Mining in Elite Beach Volleyball – Detecting Tactical Patterns Using Market Basket Analysis

: A graphical aid to the interpretation and validation of cluster analysis. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, 20 , 53 - 65. Schumaker, R. P., Solieman, O. K., & Chen, H. (2010). Sports knowledge management and data mining. Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, 44 (1), 115-157. Sheng, L. (2013). Study of application of factors of volleyball game based on data mining. Information Technology Journal, 12 (19), 5172-5176. Stöckl, M., & Morgan, S. (2013). Visualization and analysis of spatial characteristics of attacks

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Spirit and Body in the World of Modern Technology


Spirit and body of the man living in the world of modern technology are discussed in the paper. The entire life of modern man is under the pressure of rapid and far‐reaching changes in economy, organisation, education, self‐image. The relations between the spirit and the body on the one side and illness and health, money, media, narcissism, morality and national identity on the other side are studied in the article. Particular attention is paid to the relationship between the world of modern science and technology and the quality of life focusing on the mind and body. The fact emphazised in the conclusion is that the nature of Western ‐ European civilization has been changing with predominant turning to the SELF, to the absolute interest of an invidual in terms of materialism. The result of this civilizational turn is jeopardizing the spirit and the body of modern man.

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An investigation into a contactless photoplethysmographic mobile application to record heart rate post-exercise: Implications for field testing


Study aim: the aim of this study was to compare the accuracy of a contactless photoplethysmographic mobile application (CPA) to record post-exercise heart rate and estimate maximal aerobic capacity after the Queen’s College Step Test. It was hypothesised that the CPA may present a cost effective heart rate measurement tool for educators and practitioners with limited access to specialised laboratory equipment.

Materials and Methods: seventeen participants (eleven males and six females, 28 ± 9 years, 75.5 ± 15.5 kg, 173.6 ± 9.8 cm) had their heart rate measured immediately after the 3-min test simultaneously using the CPA, a wireless heart rate monitor (HRM) and manually via palpation of the radial artery (MAN).

Results: both the CPA and MAN measurements had high variance compared to the HRM (CV = 31 and 11% respectively, ES = 1.79 and 0.65 respectively), and there were no significant correlations between the methods. Maximal oxygen consumption was estimated 17% higher in CPA compared to HRM (p < 0.001).

Conclusions: in conclusion it is recommended that field practitioners should exercise caution and assess the accuracy of new freely available technologies if they are to be used in practice.

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Student-centered approach and alternative assessments to improve students’ learning domains during health education sessions

References 1. Beard J. (2015) Implementing portfolios in physical education. J. Phys. Educ. Recreat. Dance , 86(7): 48-49. 2. Bice M.R., Ball J.W., McClaren S. (2016) Technology and physical activity motivation. J. Sport Exerc. Psychol., 14(4): 295-304. 3. Byra M., Marks M. (1993) The effect of two pairing techniques on specific feedback and comfort levels of learners in the reciprocal style of teaching. J. Teach. Phys. Educ., 12(3): 286-300. 4. Cooper J.O., Heron T.E., Heward W.L. (2007) Applied Behavior Analysis (2 nd ed

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Biomedical Human Kinetics
The Journal of University of Physical Education, Warsaw
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