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The Relationship between Materials Science and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

) 14. [7] Kolozsvary Z.: Surface engineering: its limits for engineering applications . IFHTSE 19 th International Congress, Glasgow, 2011. [8] Kolozsvary Z.: Surface engineering: a bridge between ‘avant-garde’ and conventional materials and technologies. 20. Congress of IFHTSE, Beijing, 2012. [9] Sudarshan T. S.: Emulate to innovate. SMT 31 – The 31st Edition of the International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies, July 5–7, 2017, Mons, Belgium. [10] Fan Xia, Lei Jiang: Bio-inspired, smart, multiscale interfacial materials

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Investigation of Laser Welding Technology of Diamond Drilling Segments


Segments containing diamond particles are fixed to replaceable inserts or to steel tool bodies for cost-effectiveness. The joining technology used should meet both environmental and technical requirements. The joining zone is subjected to high mechanical and significant thermal loads during use. In the event of an improper joint, the segments may detach from the base and fly away causing injury. Nowadays, many methods of welding or brazing are used to fix diamond segments. Among the possible segment fixing technologies, laser beam welding has been investigated. The microstructure of the joints has been examined by optical and scanning electron microscopy and chemical element maps have been recorded. Joints have been subjected to fracture and hardness testing. The mechanical properties and composition changes of the joints with different joining technologies have been evaluated and compared.

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Impact of Print Speed on Strength of Samples Printed in FDM Technology

References Anithaa, R., Arunachalamb, S., Radhakrishnana, P. (2001). Critical parameters influencing the quality of prototypes in fused deposition modelling, Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 118, 385-388. Lee, B. H., Abdullah, J., Khan, Z. A. (2005). Optimization of rapid prototyping parameters for production of flexible ABS object. Journal of Materials Processing Technology , 169 , 54-61. Rabiej, M. (2012). Statystyka z programem Statistica. Helion. ISBN 978-83-246-4110-9. Miazio, Ł. (2015). Badanie wytrzymałości na

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Machinability of Ni-based Superalloys by Indexable End Mills

References [1] Sajjadi S. A., Nategh S., Isac M., Zebarjad S. M.: Tensile deformation mechanisms at different temperatures in the Ni-base superalloy GTD-111 . Journal of Materials Processing Technology 155–156. (2004) 1900–1904. [2] Bhadeshia H. K. D. H.: Recrystallisation of practical mechanically alloyed iron-base and nickel-base superalloys. Materials Science and Engineering A 223. (1997) 64–77. [3] Kodácsy J., Viharos Zs. J., Kovács Zs.: A

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The Replacement of Resistance Welding with Laser Beam Welding

References [1] Bagyinszki Gy., Bitay E.: Hegesztéstechnika I. Eljárások és gépesítés . EME, Cluj-Napoca, 2010. [2] Bitay E.: Lézeres felületkezelés és modellezés. EME, Cluj-Napoca, 2007. [3] Búza G.: Lézersugaras technológiák I . Edutus Főiskola, Budapest, 2012. 10. [4] Kyung-Min H., Yung C. S.: Prospects of laser welding technology in the automotive industry: A review. Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 245. (2017) 52–54.

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The Influence of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of 3D-Printed Cobalt-Chrome Alloy Used in Dental Laboratory Practice

:// [7] Hsu H. C., Lian S. S.: Wear properties of Co-Cr-Mo-N plasma-melted surgical implant alloys . Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 138. (2003) 231–235. [8] Okazaki Y., Gotoh E.: Comparison of metal release from various metallic biomaterials in vitro . Bio-materials, 26/1. (2006) 11–21. [9] Lin H. Y., Bumgardner J. D.: In vitro biocorroison of Co-Cr-Mo implant alloy by macrophage cells . Journal of

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Examination of Layer Thicknesses of a Model Produced by Fused Filament Extrusion

parameterson the mechanical properties of PLA components . In: XVI. Portugese Conference of Fracture, Covilha, Portugal (2018) [10] Bikas H., Stavropoulos P., Chryssolouris G.: Additive manufacturing methods and modelling approaches: a critical review. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, 83. (2016) 389–405. [11] Chacón J. M., Caminero M. A., García-Plaza E., Núñez P. J.: Additive manufacturing of PLA structures using fused deposition modeling

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Technological Preconditions in Dairy Farms

naturalnego z obór. Problemy Inżynierii Rolniczej , 4 , 105-116. Gal, T., Nagy, L., David, L., Vasa, L., Balogh, P. (2013). Technology planning system as a decision support tool for dairy farms in Hungary. Acta Polytechnica Hungarica , 10 (8), 231-244. Gancarz, F. (2010). Koszty wyposażenia i eksploatacji linii do przygotowywania i zadawania pasz w różnych systemach żywienia krów. Problemy Inżynierii Rolniczej , 3 , 85-93. Głowacka-Wołoszyn, R., Winnicki, S., Jugowar, J.L. (2010). Krotność doju krów z zastosowaniem robota VMS firmy DeLaval. Nauka

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Addictive and Substractive Combined Production of Cobalt-Crome-Based Frames in Dentistry

References [1] Nelson N., K. S. J., Sunny K.: Marginal Accuracy and Internal Fit of Dental Copings Fabricated by Modern Additive and Subtractive Digital Technologies . The European Journal of Prosthodontics and Restorative Dentistry, 25/1. (2017) 20–25. [2] Joda T., Ferrari M., Gallucci G. O., Wittneben J. G., Brägger U.: Digital technology in fixed implant prosthodontics . Periodontol 2000, 73/1. (2017) 178–192. [3] Kim K. B., Kim J. H., Kim W. C., Kim J. H

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