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Technology-Based Sheet Metal Classification and Coding System

References Mitrofanov S. P.: The Scientific Principles of Group Technology. Bratislava : SVTL, 1960. Hermann J.W., Singh G.: Design Similarity Measures for Process Planning and Design Evaluation, Technical Research Reports, T. R. 97 - 74, Institute for System Research, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1997. Šugar P.: Similarity of objects and processes of machine production, Publish center of Technical University of Zvolen, ISBN 80-228-0904-7, Zvolen

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Present state and future application of smart technologies in manufacturing processes

-markit-digital-orbit-brochure.pdf Kim, S., & Park, S., 2017. CPS(Cyber Physical System) based Manufacturing System Optimizatio, Procedia Computer Science, 122, 518–524. Li, B., Hou, B., Yu, W., Lu, X., & Yang, C., 2017. Applications of artificial intelligence in intelligent manufacturing , A review. Frontiers of Information Technology & Electronic Engineering, 18(1), 86–96. Lu, Y., & Ju, F., 2017. S mart Manufacturing Systems based on Cyber-physical Manufacturing Services (CPMS) , IFAC-PapersOnLine, 50

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Strain Optical Analysis of 3D Printing Elements in Different Additive Technologies in Comparison with the Finite Element Method

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Kluska E., Gruda P. The accuracy and the printing resolution comparison of different 3D printing technologies . Warsaw: Institute of Aviation, 2017. [2] MESOCOS. DIC Measurements in Engineering Applications. [Online] . [3] Chu T.C., Ranson W.F., Sutton M.A, Peters W.H. Application of digital-image-correlation techniques to experimental mechanics. Experimental Mechanics . 1985, 25(3), 232-244. [4] Lutowski Z., Marciniak B., Marciniak T., Bujnowski S. Precision of

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Multi-criteria decision analysis for simplified evaluation of clean energy technologies

Reference Assefa, G., Frostell, B., 2007. Social sustainability and social acceptance in technology assessment: A case study of energy technologies , Technology in Society, 29, 63-78. Ayan, M.B., 2013. Fuzzy TOPSIS application for supplier selection problem , International Journal of Information. Business and Management, 4(3), 11-23. Azapagic, A., Perdan, S., 2005a. An integrated sustainability decision-support framework Part I: Problem structuring , The International Journal of Sustainable Development & World Ecology, 12(2), 98

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Comparison of selected surface topography parameters after the turning of Inconel 625 obtained by the additive techniques to the parameters of the material made by the traditional techniques

References [1] Franco L. A., SinatoraA.,3D surface parameters (ISO 25178-2): Actual meaning of Spk and its relationship to Vmp, Precision Engineering 40(2015) 106-111. [2] Grobelny P., Furmanski L., Legutko S., Investigations of Surface Topography of Hot Working Tool Steel Manufactured with theUse of 3D Print, 13thInternational Conference Modern Technologies in Manufacturing MTeM 2017 -AMATUC, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 12-13 October 2017;MATEC Web of Conferences, vol. 137, 02004 (2017), pages 6, doi: 10.1051/matecconf/201713702004

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Manufacturing Technologies of Finned Tubes

References 1. Breeze P.: Raising steam plant efficiency - Pushing the steam cycle boundaries. PEI Magazine 20(2012). 2. Huseman R.: Advanced (700oC) PF Power Plant. A Clean Coal European Technology. Advanced Material for AD700 Boilers, Cesi Auditorium, Milano, 2005. 3. Najgebauer E., Patrycy A.: Commitments of Polish energy to the EU. 4. Dziemidowicz Z., Szyszka P., Krupa I.: Power units on the horizon. The technical requirements of new generation units at PGE Power Plant

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A Concept of Suborbital Scientific Mission and Technology Validation


Suborbital platforms are one of alternatives for satellites. They offer cheaper access to space to perform broad range of scientific and technology R&D. One of suborbital platforms are sounding rockets, which are suitable for these applications. A concept of scientific mission utilizing the sounding rocket is presented by author in this paper. The novelty of this mission is the operational responsive launch approach, which presents the example of the mission which responds for payload user needs, not payload contest approach, which is often in scientific community competing for payload space in space agency sounding rocket launch campaigns. The main mission goal is to perform astronomical observation of NEO using IR/VIS telescope. The secondary goal is to qualify the instrument for use on astronomical satellite observatory and raise its technology readiness level from TRL 6 to TRL 8. The expected mission output is to gain scientific data on NEO object and perform new IR/VIS optoelectronic instrument technology validation.

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Inspection of Gas Pipelines Using Magnetic Flux Leakage Technology

REFERENCES 1. Ahmad, Z., Principles of corrosion engineering and corrosion control. Butterworth-Heinemann, 2006. 2. Porter P.C., Use of magnetic flux leakage (MFL) for the inspection of pipelines and storage tanks. Proc. SPIE 2454, Nondestructive Evaluation of Aging Utilities (1995), 172–184. 3. Bubenik T.A., Nestleroth J.B., Eiber R.J., and Saffell B.F., Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) technology for natural gas pipeline inspection. Topical report, November 1992. 4. Sutherland J. and Paz H., Advances in in-line inspection technology for

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Simplifications of the volumetric error model because of the structural loop of machine tools

compensation of geometric errors [5] Okafor A.C., Ertekin Y.M. : Derivation of machine tool error models and error compensation procedure for three axes vertical machining center using rigid body kinematics, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture vol.40/2000 pp. 1199-1213 [6] Schwenke H., Knapp W., Haitjema H., Weckenmann A., Schmitt R., Delbress-ine F. : Geometric error measurement and compensation of machines - an update, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology 57/2/2008 pp. 660-675 [7] Smith G. T ., Machine Tool Metrology, An Industrial

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