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Appearance and Existence in Mandarin Chinese

meaning , vol. 2, 1829–1848. Berlin: De Gruyter. Milsark, Gary. 1974. Existential sentences in English . Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology dissertation. Milsark, Gary. 1977. Toward an explanation of certain peculiarities of the existential construction in English. Linguistic Analysis 3. 1–29. Nakajima, Heizo. 2001. Verbs in locative constructions and the generative lexicon. The Linguistic Review 18(1). 43–67. Newmeyer, Frederick J. 2010. What conversational English tells us about the nature of grammar: A critique of

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A note on Fukui’s note

References Abusch, Dorit. 1994. The scope of indefinites. Natural Language Semantics 2. 83–135. Aoun, Joseph & Y.-H. Audrey Li. 1993. Syntax of scope . Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. Bruening, Benjamin. 2007. Wh- in-situ does not correlate with wh- indefinites or question particles. Linguistic Inquiry 38. 139–166. Cheng, Lisa L.-S. 1991. On the typology of wh-questions . Cambridge: Massachusetts Institute of Technology dissertation. Cheng, Lisa L.-S. 1995. On dou -quantification. Journal of East Asian Linguistics (4). 197

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Understanding S-Selection

References Adger, David. 2003. Core syntax: A minimalist approach. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Alexiadou, Artemis & Florian Schäfer. 2006. Instrument subjects are agents or causers. Proceedings of WCCFL 25. 40-48. Bianchi, Valentina. 2000. The raising analysis of relative clauses: A reply to Borsley, Linguistic Inquiry 31. 123-140. Borer, Hagit. 2005. Structuring sense: An exo-skeletal trilogy. New York: Oxford University Press. Browning, Marguerite. 1987. Null operator constructions. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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A Case of V2 in Chinese

semantics of the left periphery , 97-138. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Chao, Yuen-Ren. 1968. A grammar of spoken Chinese . Berkely: University of California Press. Cheng, Lisa L.-S. 1991. On the typology of Wh-questions . Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology dissertation. Cheung, Lawrence. 2007. Negative Wh -construction: Question-hood, negation and implicature. Paper presented at the 4 th International Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-4), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, 30 December. Chomsky, Noam. 1977

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Chinese Motion-Directional Construction: A Conceptual and Cognitive Analysis

main verbs. Cognitive Semantics 2(2). 133–163. Traugott, Elizabeth Closs, and Graeme Trousdale. 2013. Cosntructionalization and constructional changes . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Van Valin, Robert D Jr, and Randy J LaPolla. 1997. Syntax: Structure, meaning and function . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Yiu, Yuk Man Carine. 2005. Spatial extension: Directional verbs in Cantonese . Hong Kong: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology dissertation. Yiu, Yuk-man Carine. 2013. Directional verbs in Cantonese: A

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The Components of Sideward Movement in the Verb Copying Construction in Mandarin Chinese

relations in Chinese and the theory of grammar. Cambridge : Massachusetts Institute of Technology dissertation. Huang, C.-T. James. 1984. On the distribution and reference of empty pronouns Linguistic Inquiry 15. 531-574. Huang, C.-T. James. 1988. Wo pao de kuai and Chinese phrase structure. Language 64. 274-311. Huang, C.-T. James. 1997. On lexical structure and syntactic projection. Chinese Languages and Linguistics 3. 45-89. Huang, C.-T. James, Audrey Li & Yafei Li. 2009. The syntax of Chinese. Cambridge

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The Silence of Heads

. Bresnan, Joan W. 1972. Theory of complementation in English syntax, Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology dissertation. Cattaneo, Anderea. 2009. It is all about clitics: The case of a Northern Italian dialect like Bellinzonese. New York, NY: New York University dissertation. Charnavel, Isabelle. 2011. On French un même and antispecificity. In Ingo Reich, Eva Horch & Dennis Pauly. S (eds.), Proceedings of Sinn & Bedeutung 15. 133-147. Saarbrücken: Saarland University Press . Chomsky, Noam. 1995. The minimalist program. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press

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