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GPS Investigations under Constitution of Japan – Comparison with the U.S Cases

Puraibashi [The age of surveillance and privacy], Sekai, 2017, pp. 46–54. IBUSUKI,Makoto, GPS SOUSA TO PURAIBASHI HOGO[GPS Investigation and protection of privacy]. Japan: Gendai Jinbunsha, 2018. IBUSUKI, Makoto, Haitecku kiki wo riyou sita tsuibi kanshi gata souse [Monitoring investigation via high technology], MEORIAL OF PROF.SHIGETSUGU SUZUKI, VOL.2. Japan: Seibundo, 2007, pp. 182. JBA, GPS Idou Tsuiseki Souchi wo mochiita Ichi Jouhou tansak sousa ni kansuru Ikensho [Protest against GPS device investigation](19. January, 2017). KAMIGUCHI

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A Template For Enhancing The Impact of The National Academy of Sciences’ Reporting on Forensic Science

Introduction DNA technology – when applied properly – provides the criminal justice system with a highly reliable identification method, which can be used to both convict and exonerate individuals. At the same time, however, this capacity of DNA technology undermines various forensic science identification techniques, including tool-mark, fingerprint, and bite-mark analysis, which the criminal justice system has routinely admitted as evidence for decades. See, in general , Paul C. Giannelli, Forensic Science: Under the Microscope 34 Ohio N. U. L. Rev

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At the Crossroads of Law and Ideology: The Ideology of Law as a Reflection of Social Ontology?

Revista de Sociologia 51. Steger Manfred B and James Paul, ‘Levels of Subjective Globalization: Ideologies, Imaginaries, Ontologies’ (2013) 12 Perspectives on Global Development and Technology 17. Valadier Paul, ‘Jacques Maritain’s Personalist Conception of Human Dignity’ in Düwell Marcus, Braarvig Jens, Brownsword Roger and Mieth Dietmar (eds), The Cambridge Handbook of Human Dignity: Interdisciplinary Perspectives (CUP 2014). Wrenn Mary V, ‘The Social Ontology of Fear and Neoliberalism’ (2014) 72 Review of Social Economy

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Going Online - is the World Ready to Replace Litigation with Online Dispute Resolution Mechanisms?

Privatisations of the Internet Backbone Network and the Domain Name System’ (1994) 79(1) Washington University Law Quarterly. Kumar S, ‘Virtual Venues: Improving Online Dispute Resolution as an Alternative to Cost Intensive Litigation’ (2009) 27(1) John Marshall Journal of Information Technology & Privacy Law. Lastowka FG, Hunter D, ‘The Laws of Virtual Worlds’ (2004) 92 California Law Review. Rogers V, ‘Managing Disputes in the Online Global Marketplace. Reviewing the Progress of UNCITRAL’s Working Group III on ODR’ (2013) Dispute Resolution Magazine

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Ideology, Nationalism and Law: Legal Tools for an Ideological Machinery in Latvia

. W., The dialectic of ideology and technology (The Macmillan Press 1976). Hanov D., Teraudkalns V., ‘Denying The Other In The Cyber Space: Democracy And Political Culture In Latvia. Analysis Of The Internet Campaign “For Mother Tongue” (November 2011)’ (2012) 6 Ethnicity Ethnic Identities and Civil Society. Harvey D., A Brief History of Neoliberalism (Oxford University Press 2005). Humphrey M.,’(De)contesting ideology: The struggle over the meaning of the struggle over meaning’ (2005) 8 (2) Critical Review of

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The Highest Rate of Public Trust in Judiciary in Twenty Years in Lithuania: Trend or Coincidence?

, VILEIKIENĖ, Eglė. Pasitikėjimo Lietuvos Teisėsauga Profiliai [Profiles of Trust in Lithuanian Law Enforcement]. Vilnius: Vilnius University Press, 2012. EGONDA-NTENDE, Frederick. The Role of Information Technology in Modernising the Courts . [online]. Presented to a Conference of the Southern African Judges Commission, Uganda, 3—6 February, 2005. Available at: < > Accessed: 08.07.2018. FISCHER, Dirk-Hinnerk. Making a Mark—Time Changing Politics from Estonia: An Alternative Idea for the

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Using Patent Development, Education Policy and Research and Development Expenditure Policy to Understand Differences Between Countries – The Case of Estonia and Germany

References ALLEN, Mathew. Germany’s National Innovation System. In Encyclopaedia of Technology and Innovation . Oxford: Basil Blackwell, 2009, pp. 375–389. BAILY, Martin, BOSWORTH, Barry. US Manufacturing: Understanding Its Past and Its Potential Future. Journal of Economic Perspectives, American Economic Association, 2014, vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 3–26 BANERJEE, Supriya, WAHL, Mike, PANIGRAHI, Jayant. Technology, innovation and knowledge transfer: A value chain perspective. International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Technology (IJMET

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The Decisive Moment(s or periods) in the Application of Income Tax Rules and the Importance of Events Thereafter – a Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish Perspective and Comparison

returns via My Tax (OmaVero)-system. Filing tax returns and other notifications online has already been mandatory for self-assessed taxes – such as value-added tax and employer contributions – since 1.1.2017. A total of 80% of corporations already file their income tax returns online. These new practices for tax filing and additional reform plans mean a very significant change in the Finnish taxation technology, which is difficult to fully overlook in advance. Basically, of course, most tax rules will continue to relate to events or conditions in an outer world. These

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In the Jungle of the Unregulated: Towards Extra-Legal Regulatory Approaches in Addressing ‘Cybercrime’

, vol. 29, no. 6. GHOSH, Smith, TURRINI, Elliot. Cybercrimes: A Multidisplinary Analysis . Hedelberg: Springer, 2010. HAGAN, John, PETERSON, Ruth. (eds.), Crime and Inequality . Stanfrod: Stanford University Press, 1995 KATYAL, Neal. Criminal Law in Cyberspace. University of Pennsylvania Law Review, 2001, vol. 149. KESAN, Jay, SHAH, Rajiv. Deconstructing Code. Yale Journal of Law and Technology , 2004, vol. 6. LANIER, Jaron. You are Not a Gadget. New York: Vintage Books, 2010. LATOUR, Bruno. Reassembling the Social: An

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