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‘Jewish Genetics’ and the ‘Nature’ of Israeli Citizenship

-wide structure of the Jewish people. Nature 466:238-242. Berdichevski, M.J. (1900) “Wrecking and Building,” in The Zionist Idea, ed. A. Hertzberg. Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society. Bijker, W., T. Hughes, and T. Pinch (eds.) (1987). The Social Construction of Technological Systems: New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology. Cambridge MA/London: MIT Press. Bloom, E. (2007) What ‘The Father’ had in mind? Arthur Ruppin (1876-1943), cultural identity, weltanschauung and action. History of European Ideas 33

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Jewish Rhetorics and the Contemplation of a Diminished Future

required reading for all scientists.” Although we are very far from the science of Cylons or other sentient Golums, our literature and history are so rich with examples of unfortunate consequences of technology, that the second Cylon War cannot be too surprising to a viewer within the narrative. As you have said, the scenario of diminution presenting itself as a plausible extrapolation from contemporary conditions, whether in “Battlestar Galactica” or here on pre-scorched Earth, is a familiar story and will have been seen before, from ancient texts down through present

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Jews, Jesus, and Menstrual Blood

the fruit of adultery. These claims should not surprise anyone. Both the Gospel according to Matthew and the Gospel according to Luke claim that Jesus was born to a woman who was engaged to a certain man, but did not have sexual relations with him. Matthew 1:18-21 ; Luke 1:26-38 According to Matthew, even Joseph, her fiancé, thought at first that she had relations with another man. Matthew 1:19. Obviously, if one has little faith, and excludes sophisticated methods of artificial insemination or In Vitro technologies, one must conclude that Mary’s son is a

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