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Coatings manufactured using magnetron sputtering technology to protect against infrared radiation for use in firefighter helmets

., Hollstein, F. & Meinhardt, J. (2000). Investigation of PVD arc coatings on polyamide fabrics. Surf. Coat. Technol. 135, 75-81. DOI: 10.1016/S0257-8972(00)00917-8. 4. Wasa, K. & Hayakawa, S. (1992). Handbook of sputter deposition technology. Noyes, USA: Park Ridge. 5. Dobrzański, L.A. & Dobrzańska-Danikiewicz, A.D. (2011). Obróbka powierzchni materiałów inżynierskich (89-136). Open Access Library. International OCSCO World Press. 6. Kawate, M., Hashimoto, A.K. & Suzuki, T

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Business modeling process for university’s technology transfer offices

References Baglieri, D., Baldi, F., Tucci, C. (2015), “University Technology Transfer Office Business Models: One Size does NOT Fit All”, DRUID2015 Conference on “The RELEVANCE of INNOVATION”, June 15-17, 2015 at LUISS BS in Rome, Italy. Landry, R., Amara, N., Cloutier, J.S., Halilem, N. (2013), “Technology transfer organizations: Services and business models”, Technovation 33, available at: , pp. 431–449. Marin, A., Boanță, L., Hadăr, A., Badea, D.M., Vlăduț, G., Bucur, D., Ciocănel, B

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Acta Universitatis Cibiniensis. Series E: Food Technology
The Journal of „Lucian Blaga“ University of Sibiu
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High Pressure Synthesis versus Calcination – Different Approaches to Crystallization of Zirconium Dioxide

Literature Cited 1. Byrappa, K. & Adschiri, T. (2007). Hydrothermal technology for nanotechnology, Prog. Cryst. Growth Ch. 53, 117–166. DOI: 10.1016/j.pcrysgrow.2007.04.001. 2. Zhu, X.H. & Hang, Q.M. (2013). Microscopical and physical characterization of microwave and microwave-hydrothermal synthesis products, Micron 44, 21–44. DOI: 10.1016/j. micron.2012.06.005. 3. Riman, R.E., Suchanek, W.L. & Lencka, M.M. (2002). Hydrothermal crystallization of ceramics, Ann. Chim. Sci. Mat. 27 (6), 15–36. DOI: 10.1016/S0151-9107(02)90012-7. 4. Byrappa, K

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Prospects Of Using Walnut In Technologies Of Drinks

REFERENCES 1. Arasymovych, V.V., Baltaha, S.V., Panomareva, N.P. (1990). Methods of analyzing pectin substances, hemicelluloses and pectinolytic enzymes in fruits. Chisinau, Moldavia: RIO AN MSSR. (in Russian) 2. Peresichnyi, M.I., Mazaraki, A.A., Kravchenko M.F. et al. (2012). Technology of functional foods (Monograph). Kyiv, Ukraine: National. University of Trade and Economics. (in Ukrainian) 3. Sarnitsky, P.L., Vydrin, Yu. V., Chumachenko, I.P. (2007). Non-traditional forage crops. Kyiv, Ukraine: “Urozhai”. (in Russian) 4. Tiurikova, I

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Processes and Technologies for the Recycling of Spent Fluorescent Lamps

References 1. Durao, W., Castro, C. & Windmöller, C. (2008). Mercury reduction studies to facilitate the thermal decontamination of phosphor powder residues from spent fluorescent lamps. Waste Management 28, 2311-2319. DOI: 10.1016/j.wasman.2007.10.011. 2. Chang, T., You, S., Yu, B. & Kong, H. (2007). The fate and management of high mercury-containing lamps from high technology industry. J. Hazard. Mater. 141, 784-792. DOI: 10.1016/j.hazmat.2006.07.045. 3. Tunsu, C., Retegan, T. & Ekberg, Ch. Sustainable

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Monitoring and remediation technologies of organochlorine pesticides in drainage water

-2027. DOI: 10.1016/j.watres.2007.01.027. 7. Derbalah, A.S. (2009). Chemical remediation of carbofuran insecticide in aquatic system by advanced oxidation processes. J. Agric. Res. Kafr Elsheikh Univ. 35 (1), 308-327. 8. Derbalah, A.S.H. & Belal, E.B. (2008). Biodegradation kinetics of cymoxanil in Aquatic system. Chem. Ecol. 3, 169-180. DOI: 10.1080/02757540802032173. 9. Sangakkara, U.R. (2002). The Technology of Effective Microorganisms-Case Studies of Application’ Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, UK Research

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References 1. Advanced Comfort Technology, Inc. (2012). DCC Waterbeds. Dual Chamber Cow Waterbeds. Retrieved Jun 25, 2013, from 2. Brouček, J., Novák, P., Vokřálová, J., Šoch, M., Kišac, P. & Uhrinčať, M. (2009). Effect of high temperature on milk production of cows from free-stall housing with natural ventilation. Slovak Journal Animal Science. 42(4),167-173. 3. Cziszter, L.T., Sossidou, E.N., Szücs, E

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Recommendations for the development of the National Network for Innovation and Technology Transfer (ReNITT) performances

References Chesbrough, H.W. (2003). Open innovation: the new imperative for creating and profiting from technology, Harvard Business School Publishing, 60 Harvard Way, Boston, Massachusetts. Hadăr, A., Marin, A., Costoiu, M., Boanță, L., Cismașu, I. (2016). Financial and SWOT Analysis for a Pilot Model of a TTO from ReNITT, 8th International Conference on Innovations, Recent Trends and Challenges in Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and New High-Tech Products Development, ISSN 2247-8388, 130-139. Marin, A

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The application of RANS CFD for design of SNCR technology for a pulverized coal-fired boiler

the installations, fuel combustion sources and incineration and co-incineration equipment, DzU 2014, poz. 1546. [in Polish]. 4. Heck, R.M. (1999). Catalytic abatement of nitrogen oxides – stationary applications. Catal. Today. 53, 519–523. DOI: 10.1016/S0920-5861(99)00139-X. 5. Zamorowski, K. (2013). Aspects of the national power industry adaptation to nitric oxides emission standards – influence of applied technologies on boiler operation and on costs of flue gas denitrification. Energetyka 6, 490–497, [in Polish]. 6. Li, W.B., Yang, X.F., Chen, L

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