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The Hidden Grand Narrative of Western Military Policy: A Linguistic Analysis of American Strategic Communication

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Enhancement of National Collaboration Between Defence Establishment and Industry by Systems Approach

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Dependency of Military Capabilities on Technological Development

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An Analysis of North Korea’s Satellite Launches

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Shaped Charge Calculation Models for Explosive Ordnance Disposal Operations


The clearance of unexploded ordnance (UXO) and other explosive remnants of war (ERW) containing shaped charge warheads poses a particular technical hazard to consider for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) personnel. The wide use of light anti-tank weapons, such as rocket propelled grenades and the scattering of sub-munitions in different conflict areas have made the clearance of shaped charge ammunition a frequent task. However, unlike other hazards, for shaped charges, EOD personnel lack adequate means for the establishment of the maximum hazardous area and for the design of measures for hazard confinement against the shaped charge effect.

In this article two different models are suggested, which together give guidance for protective measures during clearance of shaped charge ammunition. The development of these models is based on their military utility, by consideration of the limited information availability, the short time frames, the working methods and the technology level that are characteristic for EOD operations. The two suggested models are developed further into a complete set of design rules for protective measures, giving a versatile tool to replace today´s rough estimates and guesswork, in these safety-related decisions.

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Employing Human Performance Optimization Initiatives from Historically Black Colleges and Universities: The Case of the U.S. Military

Press, June 24. Berwick, D.M. 2002. A User’s Manual for the IoM’s ‘Quality Chasm’ Report. Health Affairs, 21, 3, 60-87. Betancourt, J.R., Green, A.R., Carillo, J.E., and Park, E.R. 2005. Cultural Competence and Health Care Disparities: Key Perspectives on Trends. Health Affairs, 24, 499-505. Bigard, Xavier., Koulmann, Natalie., Banzet, Sebastien., Sanchez, Herve., and Malgoyre, Alexandra. 2009. Are There Ethical Limitations for Improving Physical Performance in Soldiers? The Research and Technology (RTO) Organisation

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The American Way of Remote Air Warfare

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Non-State Actors in Cyberspace Operations

Militancy,” RAND Corporation, 2001. [5] Arquilla, J. and Ronfeldt, D., “In Athena’s Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age,” RAND Corporation, 1997. [6] BBC News, “US prepares first-strike cyber-forces,” BBC News Technology, Oct. 12, 2012. Available: [7] Beidleman, S. W., “Defining and Deterring Cyber War”, Strategy Research Project, U.S. Army War College, Jan. 2009. [8] Bernstein, M. S., Monroy-Hernándex, Harry D., Andreé, P., Panovich, K. and Vargas

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The Strategic Assessment Model (Stratam) Studying and Preventing Strategic Failure

Influence of Clausewitz." Strategic Studies Quarterly 1 (Fall 2007). Mertins, Silke. “Krieg ohne Chronisten.” die tageszeitung, 31 December 2008: 14. Mittelstaedt, Juliane von, Christoph Schult, Daniel Steinvorth, Bernhard Zand. Tage des Krieges, Tage des Zorns. 5 January 2009. (accessed 09 January 2012). NATO. "Human Systems Integration for Network Centric Warfare." Technical Report, Reserach and Technology Organisation, NATO, 2010. Perrow, Charles. Normal

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