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Adoption of sawah eco-technology in rice production by farm households in Kebbi State, Nigeria

. Journal of Extension Systems. Vol. 32. Iss. 2 p. 69–84. A larima C.I., K olawole A., S odiya C.I., O ladele O.I., M asunaga T., W akatsuki , T. 2011. Factors affecting the adoption of sawah technology system of rice production in Nigeria. Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment. Vol. 9. Iss. 3–4 p. 177–183. A li -O lubandwa A.M., O dero -W anga D., K athuri N.J., S hivoga W.A. 2010. Adoption of improved maize production practices among small scale farmers in the agricultural reform era: The case of western province of Kenya. Journal of

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Application of Rapid Prototyping Technology in the Manufacturing of Turbine Blade With Small Diameter Holes

Y. and Khan A.: Turbine blade manufacturing through rapid tooling (RT) process and its quality inspection. Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Vol. 28, Issue 5, (2013), pp. 534-538. 4. Lampart P., Kosowski K., Piwowarski M. and Jędrzejewski Ł.: Design analysis of Tesla micro-turbine operating on a low-boiling medium. Polish Maritime Research, Special issue 2009/S1; pp. 28-33. 5. Nikon XT H series, X-ray technology and CT for industrial applications, Nikon Metrology/Vision Beyond Precision, 2017. 6. Tan X., Kok Y., Tor S. B. and Chua, C. K

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Application of multi-dimensional grouping to building steel stiffened shell structures

References 1. Ballakur A., Steudel H.J.: A within-cell utilization based heuristic for designing cellular manufacturing systems. International Journal of Production Research, 25, 1987, 639-665. 2. Ben-Arieh D., Sreenivasav R.: Information analysis in a distributed dynamic group technology method. International Journal of Production Economics 60-61, 1999, 427-432. 3. Bhat M.V., Haupt A.: An efficient clustering algorithm. IEEE transactions on systems . Man and Cybernetics SMC-6 (1), 1976, 61

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Development of new technologies for shipping natural gas by sea

Economics Research, The University of Texas, 2003 Gudmundsson J. S.: Natural gas hydrate problem solver and resource for production and transport , Gas Hydrates, Tekna, Bergen, October 21-22, 2008 Grove T.: The other gas trades: LPG nad CNG, ABS, Intertanko-Houston, 26 march 2007 Kanda H.: Economic study on natural gas transportation with natural gas hydrate (NGH) pellets , 23rd World Gas Conference, Amsterdam 2006 Spano P., Alimonti C.: CNG Technology . Society of

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On board LNG reliquefaction technology: a comparative study

References 1. Bortnowska M.: Development of new technologies for shipping natural gas by sea. Polish Maritime Research. No 3(61) Vol 16, pp 70-78, 2009 2. Kuver M, Clucas C, Fuhrmann N.: Evaluation of propulsion options for LNG carriers. In: The 20th international conference and exhibition for the LNG, LPG and natural gas industries (GASTECH 2002). 3. Romero Gomez, J., Ferreiro Garcia, R., Carbia J.: Analisis de la relicuacion del boil off en buques de GNL Alternativa al proceso basado en el ciclo Brayton de

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Simulation and Experimental Study in the Process of Wave Energy Conversion

References 1. Shi, H.D., Cao, F,F., Ma, Z., Liu, Z., 2014. Physical Model Experimental Study on the Floating Buoy Wave Power Generator. Journal of Ocean Technology. 33 (4):98-104. 2. Gao, H.T., Li, B., 2015. Establishment of motion model for wave capture buoy and research on hydrodynamic performance of floating-type wave energy converter. Polish Maritime Research. 22 (S1):106-111. 3. Birgersson, K.E., Balaya, P., Yan, J., 2011. Energy Solutions for a Sustainable World. Applied Energy. 90 (1), 1

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The application of magnetic fluids in sealing nodes designed for operation in difficult conditions and in machines used in sea environment

Tribology Conf. 1985 J. Kurfess H. K. Müller: Sealing liquids with magnetic fluids , Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials , 85, 1990 Ławniczak A., Milecki A.: Electro- and magnetorheological fluids and their technical applications , Publishing House of Poznan University of Technology, Poznań, 1999 (in Polish) Catalogue: Ferrofluid-based seals , Ferrolabs Inc. (Rosja) Product Bulletin: Magneto-Rheological Fluids , LORD Corp. (USA

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Application of Thermo-chemical Technologies for Conversion of Associated Gas in Diesel-Gas Turbine Installations for Oil and Gas Floating Units

BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. WOR 3 (2014): Marine Resources – Opportunities and Risks . Retrieved from 2. Olszewski W., Dzida M. (2018): Selected Combined Power Systems Consisted of Self-Ignition Engine and Steam Turbine . Polish Maritime Research, No.1, Vol. 25, 198–203. 3. Domachowski Z., Dzida M. (2019): Applicability of Inlet Air Fogging to Marine Gas Turbine . Polish Maritime Research, No.1, Vol. 26, 15–19. 4. Mazzetti M. J., Nekså P., Walnum H. T., Hemmingsen A. T. (2014): Energy-Efficient Technologies

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Mems Technology Quality Requirements as Applied to Multibeam Echosounder

technology for underwater applications, , Indian Journal OF Geo Marine Science 2009. 5. Prandi L., Caminada C., Coronato L.: A low-power 3-axis digital-output MEMS gyroscope with single drive and multiplexed angular rate readout- Solid-State Circuits , 2011, ieeexplore 6. Zhu R., Sun D., Zhou Z., Wang D.: A linear fusion algorithm for attitude determination using low cost MEMS-based sensors - Measurement, 2007 - Elsevier 7. Luczak S., Oleksiuk W., Bodnicki M.: Sensing tilt with MEMS accelerometers- IEEE Sensors Journal, 2006

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Technology Concept of TLP Platform Towing and Installation in Waters with Depth of 60 m

References 1. Mikielewicz D., Wajs J., Ziółkowski P., Mikielewicz J.: Utilisation of waste heat from the power plant by use of the ORC aided with bleed steam and extra source of heat, Energy, 97, 11-19, 2016. 2. Kropiwnicki J., Kneba Z., Ziółkowski M.: Test for assessing the energy efficiency of vehicles with internal combustion engines. International Journal of Automotive Technology, Vol. 14, nr 3 (2013), s. 479-487. 3. Hirt Ł., Lampart P.: Complex multidisciplinary optimization of turbine blading systems

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