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Comparison of selected surface topography parameters after the turning of Inconel 625 obtained by the additive techniques to the parameters of the material made by the traditional techniques

References [1] Franco L. A., SinatoraA.,3D surface parameters (ISO 25178-2): Actual meaning of Spk and its relationship to Vmp, Precision Engineering 40(2015) 106-111. [2] Grobelny P., Furmanski L., Legutko S., Investigations of Surface Topography of Hot Working Tool Steel Manufactured with theUse of 3D Print, 13thInternational Conference Modern Technologies in Manufacturing MTeM 2017 -AMATUC, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 12-13 October 2017;MATEC Web of Conferences, vol. 137, 02004 (2017), pages 6, doi: 10.1051/matecconf/201713702004

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Simplifications of the volumetric error model because of the structural loop of machine tools

compensation of geometric errors [5] Okafor A.C., Ertekin Y.M. : Derivation of machine tool error models and error compensation procedure for three axes vertical machining center using rigid body kinematics, International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture vol.40/2000 pp. 1199-1213 [6] Schwenke H., Knapp W., Haitjema H., Weckenmann A., Schmitt R., Delbress-ine F. : Geometric error measurement and compensation of machines - an update, CIRP Annals Manufacturing Technology 57/2/2008 pp. 660-675 [7] Smith G. T ., Machine Tool Metrology, An Industrial

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Measurement strategy as a determinant of the measurement uncertainty of an optical scanner

., Comparative study of different digitization techniques and their accuracy, Computer Aided Design, 43, 2011, 188-206. [8] Acko B., McCarthy M., Haertig F., Buchmeister B., Standards for testing freeform measurement capability of optical and tactile coordinate measuring machines, Measurement Science and Technology, 23, 2012. [9] Dury M., 3D Optical Scanner Dimensional Verification Facility, Laser Metrology and Machine Performance XI – 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Laser Metrology, 2015, 187-197. [10] Harding K., Handbook of Optical

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Effect of FSW welding parameters on the tensile strength of aluminum alloys

). Microstructure and mechanical properties of dissimilar Al−Cu joints by friction stir welding. Trans. Nonferrous Met. Soc. China. (2014)1779−1786. [7] Palanivel, R., Mathews, Koshy, P.,, Murugan, N ., (2010). Influences of tool pin profile on the mechanical and metallurgical proprieties of friction Stir welding dissimilar aluminum alloy, International Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, (2010). 2109-2115. [8] Fisher, R, The design of experiments . Oliver and Boyd 1935. [9] Tanaka, T., Morishige, T., and Hirata,T.. Comprehensive analysis of

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Kinematic model of multiple trailers on a tractor system for production logistics applications

. [8] Paszkowiak W., Projekt układu kinematycznego pociągu logistycznego typu mleczarz i jego walidacja,Master Thesis, Poznan University of Technology, Poznań 2018. [9] Rouchon P., Fliess M., LE´ Vine J ., et al., Flatness and motion planning: the car with n trailers, In: 2nd Europeancontrol conference, Groningen, NL, 28 June–1 July 1993,pp.1518–1522. [10] Siegwart R., Nourbakhsh I., Autonomous Mobile Robots, A Bradford Book, London 2004, pp 47-88. [11] Y ue M., Hou X., Fan M., Jia R., Coordinated trajectory tracking control for an

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Influence of heat treatment on the structure and properties of polyamide 6/ halloysite nanocomposites

general approach toward halloysite-based composite nanotubes , J. Appl. Polym. Sci., 2009, vol. 112, no 3, p. 2647-2655. [5] Lecouvet B., Sclavons M., Bourbigot S., Bailly C., Towards scalable production of polyamide 12/halloysite nanocomposites via water-assisted extrusion: mechanical modeling, thermal and fire properties , Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2014, vol. 25, no 2, p. 137-151. [6] Ning N., Yin Q., Luo F., Zhang Q., Du R., Fu Q ., Crystallization behavior and mechanical properties of polypropylene/halloysite composites , Polymer, 2007

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On the analysis of chip shaping after finishing turning of Ti6Al4V titanium alloy under dry, wet and MQL conditions

2019 730-739. [4] Michailidis N., Variations in the cutting performance of PVD-coated tools in milling Ti6Al4V, explained through temperature-dependent coating properties, Surface &Coatings Technology, 304 (2016) 325-329. [5] Liang L., Liu X., Li X., Li Y.-Y., Wear mechanisms of WC–10Ni3Al carbide tool in dry turning of Ti6Al4V, Int. Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard Materials, 48 (2015) 272-285. [6] Sartori S., Ghiotti A., Bruschi S., Solid Lubricant-assisted Minimum Quantity Lubrication and Cooling strategies to improve Ti6Al4V

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The CAD 3D course improves students’ spatial skills in the technology and design education


The nature of 3D ability is deeply considered, but little is known about students’ learning and understandings of technology and about the meaning to become more technologically capable. We considered the spatial intelligence of first-grade engineering students, how much that improved to the effect of 18 times 45 minutes course of computer-aided 3D modeling. We consider the success of our 3D course in spatial intelligence. According to the result of the tests, one-third of the engineer candidates has good spatial intelligence. We introduce some useful problems in 3D education; the presented problems help the students in learning how to solve technology problems, and how to design objects. We offer the intellectual pleasure of problem solving through 3D problems. Our CAD course excellently improves the spatial skills of the middle third of the students. Computer-aided 3D modeling also bridges the gap for students with worse spatial ability. Dealing with students in a more differentiated way about CAD modeling would be advisable.

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