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Some notes on split ergativity in Hittite

. 334385, 1993. [14] K. G. Murasugi, “Crossing and nested paths–np movement in accusative and ergative languages,” PhD thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1992. [15] A. Assmann, D. Georgi, F. Heck, G. Müller, and P. Weisser, “Ergatives move too early: On an instance of opacity in syntax,” Syntax , vol. 18, no. 4, pp. 343–387, 2015. [16] É. Benveniste, Hittite et indo-européen: études comparatives , vol. 5. Adrien Maisonneuve, 1962. [17] S. Patri, L’alignement syntaxique dans les langues indo-européennes d’Anatolie . Otto Harrassowitz

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Overcoming Dyadic Boundaries: Reading Poetic Experience after the Semiotics and Pragmatism of Charles S. Peirce

of Charles S. Peirce . Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag. [4] Short, T. L., 2007. Peirce’s theory of signs . Cambridge, Cambridge University Press. [5] Nöth, W., 2000. Handbook der Semiotik . Stuttgart/Weimar: Metzler. [6] Eco, U., 1987. The influence of Roman Jakobson on the development of semiotics. Classics of Semiotics . New York: Plenum Press, 109–128. [7] Jakobson, R., 1960. Linguistics and poetics. In Sebeok, T. (Ed.), Style in language . Massachusetts/New York/London: Technology Press of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Average Word Length from the Diachronic Perspective: The Case of Arabic

Literature (CLFL) , pp. 17–24. [13] Zemánek, P., Milička, J., 2017. Words Lost and Found. The Diachronic Dynamics of the Arabic Lexicon. Lüdenscheid: RAM-Verlag. [14] Chennoufi, A., Mazroui, A., 2016. Impact of morphological analysis and a large training corpus on the performances of Arabic diacritization. International Journal of Speech Technology, 19(2), 269–280. [15] Milička, J., 2015. Teorie komunikace jakožto explanatorní princip přirozené víceúrovňové segmentace textů [The Theory of Communication as an Explanatory Principle for the Natural

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The formal method in Germany and Russia: the beginnings of European psycholinguistics

:// >. [57] Tchougounnikov, S., 2016. L’espace comme procédé: Formalisme russe vs formalisme germanique. In Simonato, E., Moret, S., Cinquante nuances du temps et de l’espace dans les théories linguistiques , Cahiers de l’ILSL, N° 49. Lausanne: Université de Lausanne, pp. 27–51. [58] Tchougounnikov, S., 2016. Speech technology as an experimental science: Towards the comparative dynamics of Sprechkunde in Germany and Russia in the late nineteenth to early twentieth century. In Postoutenko, K., Jacq, J., Tchougounnikov, S., Zakharin, D

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