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Designing technology in the age of digitalization: needs for technology assessment and ethics

REFEENCES Abels, G. and Bora, A. (2016). Ethics and Public Participation in Technology Assessment. [online] DOI 10.13140/RG.2.2.35586.89282. Bijker, W. and Law, J. (eds) (1994). Shaping Technology Building Society. Cambridge: MIT Press. Bijker, W., Hughes, T. and Pinch, T. (eds) (1987). The Social Construction of Technological Systems. New Directions in the Sociology and History of Technology. Cambridge/London: MIT Press. Bimber, B.A. (1996). The Politics of Expertise in Congress: the Rise and Fall of the Office of Technology Assessment

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Technology Assessment in a Globalized World

REFERENCES [1] B. Bimber. The Politics of Expertise in Congress: The Rise and Fall of the Office of Technology Assessment. Albany: State University of New York Press, 1996. [2] P.D. Blair. Congress’s Own Think Tank. Learning from the Legacy of the Office of Technology Assessment (1972-1995) . New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013. [3] A. Ely, P. van Zwanenberg and A. Stirling. (2011). New Models of Technology Assessment for Development. STEPS Working Paper 45. [Online]. Available:

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Technology Integration Experiences of Teachers

References Aldunate, R., & Nussbaum, M. (2013). Teacher adoption of technology. Computers in Human Behavior, 29 (3), 519–524. Armenta, A., Serrano, A., Cabrera, M., & Conte, R. (2012) The new digital divide: the confluence of broadband penetration, sustainable development, technology adoption and community participation, Information Technology for Development, 18 (4), 345–353. Bauer, J., & Kenton, J. (2005). Toward technology integration in the schools: Why it isn’t happening. Journal of Technology and Teacher Education, 13 (4), 519

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Sinus – A Semantic Technology Enhanced Environment For Learning In Humanities

References 1. Dochev, D., G. Agre. Supporting Learning-by-Doing Situations by Semantic Technologies. - In: D. Stefanoui, J Culita, Eds. Proc. of 17th Annual Conf. on Media and Web Technology EUROMEDIA’2012, Bucharest, April 2012, ISBN 978-90-77381-69-4, 49-53. 2. Protege 4 User Documentation (accessed 2010). 3. Paneva-Marinnova, D., R. Pavlov, M. Goynov, L. Pavlova-Draganova, L. Draganov. Search and Administrative Services in Iconographical Digital

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The Current Awareness of Radio Frequency Identification Technology

References 1. Successor to barcodes attracts and discourages (in Slovak), last access: 27/08/2012 2. TAMM, G., TRIBOWSKI, CH. RFID (in German). Berlin: Springer, 2010. p. 41 - 44. ISBN 978-3-642-11459-5 3. The results of the survey of the use of information and communications technologies (in Slovak), last access: 27/08/2012

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Five Years of Research Into Technology-Enhanced Learning at the Faculty of Materials Science and Technology

References SVETSKY, S. Modelling of Multilingual e-Learning and Virtual Learning space for R&D Staff. In ICETA 2007: 5th Int. Conference on Emerging e-Learning Technologies and Applications. Košice: Elfa, 2007, pp. 1-4. ISBN 978-80-8086-061-5 SVETSKY, S., MORAVCIK, O., TANUSKA, P., REHAKOVA, A., RUSKOVA, A. Modelling of Multilingual e-Learning and Virtual Learning space for R&D Staff. In ICETA 2008: 6th International Conference on Emerging e-Learning Technologies and Applications. Košice: Elfa, 2008, p

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Possible Applications of Soil Remediation Technologies in Latvia

References Bolenz, S., Omran, H., Gierschner, K. Treatments of Water Hyacinth Tissue to Obtain Useful Products. Biol. Wastes , 1990, 22, p. 263-274. Conway R. A., Cordle S., Mercer J. W., Miller D. W., Rao P. S. C. Overview. In: Ground Water and Soil Contamination Remediation: Toward Compatible Science, Policy, and Public Perception. Report on Colloquium Sponsored by the Water Science and Technology Board. Colloquium 5 of a Series, National Academy Press, Washington, D. C., 1990, p. 1

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Enhancing a Traditional Health Care System of an Organization for Better Service with Agent Technology by Ensuring Confidentiality of Patients’ Medical Information

References 1. Luck, M., P. Mc Burney, C. Preist. Agent Technology: Enabling Next Generation Computing. A Roadmap for Agent Based Computing, Agent Link, 2012. 2. Leszczyna, R. Evaluation of Agent Platforms - JRC Scientific and Technical Reports. Version 2.0, 2008. 3. Bellifemine, F. L., G. Caire, D. Greenwood. Developing Multi-Agent Systems with Jade. John Wiley Sons, Ltd., England, 2007. 4. Bellifemine, F., A. Poggi, G. Rimassa. JADE - A FIPA-Compliant Agent Framework. - In: Proceedings

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Systemic Outlook in Technology- Management Trends of Best Technology/ICT Companies

References Accenture (2010). Accenture Technology Vision 2010: Everything Elastic, Accenture . Available at, May 2012. Accenture (2011): Accenture Technology Vision 2011: The Technology Waves that are Reshaping the Business Landscape, Accenture . Available at , June 2012. Accenture (2012a). Accenture Technology

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Expert Technology for Risk Management in the Implementation of QRM in a High-Tech Industrial Enterprise

2019, 18.-20.6.2019, ISBN 978-80-87583-30-2. [27] A. Sapietová, M. Sága, I. Kuric, I., et al., Application of optimization algorithms for robot systems designing. International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems , 2018, ISSN: 1729-8814. [28] E.A. Smirnov. “ Technology of living solutions as a component of instrumental competence of a specialist ”. University Herald, 2008, no. 3 (24), pp. 63-67. [29] The latest philosophical dictionary . M., Interpres servis; Book House, 2001. 1280 p. [30] V. Tlach, M. Cisar, I. Kuric, I. Zajacko

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