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The delay economy of “continuity” and the emerging impatience culture of the digital era

( Scannell, 1996 : 14). In this way, continuity is probably a fundamental component of the qualities of the “taken-for-granted-ness” and “dailiness” of television, as Scannell argued (1996: 9, 144). All in all, “continuity” might still be an important aspect of the attraction of watching television, so it may survive as a televisual phenomenon. All of these points call for continued research not only into how continuity as a televisual phenomenon and its production are changing in the digital era but also into its possible importance to the audience. This endeavour may

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selection or curation of content ( Van Dijck et al., 2018 : 31-46). Increasingly, these platform mechanisms are disrupting the media content production economy that used to be based on advertising and direct payments for products, with the traditional news media in particular struggling to survive under these new conditions. However, all the media industries are affected by the dominant position of the big tech companies. Van Dijck and colleagues (2018) underline the importance of fighting the power of these few transnational companies and the need for civil society and

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Unboxing news automation
Exploring imagined affordances of automation in news journalism

journalism survive? An inside look at American newsrooms . Cambridge, UK: Polity Press. Ryfe D. M. 2012 Can journalism survive? An inside look at American newsrooms Cambridge, UK Polity Press Shishkin, D. (2017, July 3). Five lessons I learned while digitally changing BBC World Service. LinkedIn [blog]. Retrieved from [accessed 2018, November 15]. Shishkin D 2017 July 3) Five lessons I learned while digitally changing BBC World Service. LinkedIn

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Disrupting video game distribution
A diachronic affordance analysis of Steam’s platformization strategy Many stories follow a logic of gradual escalation (as the discounts become more numerous and radical), followed by a period of dénouement as game blogs and users discuss and recapitulate the event, comparing it with previous instantiations. More recent events, like the Steam Summer Adventure 2014 , which randomly divided users into teams and challenged them to compete with each other in a race for points and trading cards, even reference popular game show

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Disrupting journalism from scratch
Outlining the figure of the entrepreneur–journalist in four French pure players

and evolving context in which they work. Regardless of whether these pure players will survive, these journalists have developed new competences that could open up new professional opportunities. Conclusion In an increasingly precarious professional context ( Frisque et al., 2011 ), creating one’s own medium is a way of attempting to regain control over the journalistic environment and reaffirm the classic professional values: independence and autonomy. These are referred to by the media as what protects editorial content – the “cultural capital of journalism

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