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The educational aspects of ethics

): Psychotherapy and Morality: A Study of Two Concept . New York: Routledge. MONTEFIORE, H. (1970): Can Man Survive? The Question Mark and Other Essays . London: Fontana. NORTON, B. G. (1984): Environmental Ethics and Week Anthropocentrism. In: Environmental Ethics , 6(2), pp. 131–148. NUSSBAUM, M. C. (1990): Love’s Knowledge . Oxford: Oxford University Press. SCHWEITZER, A. (2009): Die Ehrfurcht vor dem Leben. Munchen: C. H. Beck Verlag. SCHWEITZER, A. (1987): Philosophy of Civilization: Culture and Ethics , transl. C. L. Campion. New York

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Egalitarian Sexism: A Kantian Framework for Assessing the Cultural Evolution of Marriage (I)

–48. SCHRÖDER, H. (1997): Kant’s Patriarchal Order. In: R. M. Schott (ed.): Feminist Interpretations of Immanuel Kant . University Park: Pennsylvania State Press, pp. 275–296. SEDGWICK, S. (1990): Can Kant’s Ethics Survive the Feminist Critique? In: Pacific Philosophical Quarterly , 71, pp. 60–79. SOBLE, A. (2003): Kant and Sexual Perversion. In: The Monist , 86(1), pp. 55–109. WILSON, D. (2004): Kant and the Marriage Right. In: Pacific Philosophical Quarterly , 85(1), pp. 103-123. WILSON, H. L. (1998): Kant’s Evolutionary Theory of Marriage. In: J

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Conscientious objection in health care

Guide to Thriving and Surviving. New York: Elsevier. WEST-ORAM, P. & BUYX, A. (2016): Conscientious Objection in Healthcare Provision: A New Dimension. In: Bioethics, 30(5), pp. 336–343. WICCLAIR, M. R. (2011): Conscientious Objection in Health Care: An Ethical Analysis . Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. WICCLAIR, M. R. (2006): Pharmacies, Pharmacists, and Conscientious Objection. In: Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, 16(3), pp. 225–250. WMA (World Medical Association) (2006): International Code of Medical Ethics . [online

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Patočka, Charter 77, the state and morality: “May it all be for the benefit of the community!”

Relations Theory and Philosophy: Interpretive Dialogues. London: Routledge, pp. 80-146 NIETZSCHE, F. W. (1974/1882): The Gay Science: With a Prelude in Rhymes and an Appendix of Songs, trans. W. Kaufmann. New York: Vintage Books. PATOČKA, J. (1989/1953): Negative Platonism: Reflections Concerning the Rise, the Scope, and the Demise of Metaphysics - and Whether Philosophy Can Survive It. In: E. Kohák (ed.): Jan Patočka. Philosophy and Selected Writings. Chicago & London: The University of Chicago Press, pp. 175-206. PATOČKA

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