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Areas of industrial damages in upper Silesian industrial region versus recultivation or revitalization ?


Areas of industrial damages require elaborating efficient methods of reclamation and revitalization. A region of Poland, where process of degradation is particularly visible is Upper Silesian Industrial Region. Areas in the zone of many-years influence of Huta “Miasteczko Śląskie” are characterized by norm-exceeding concentration of heavy metals. The area in its direct surrounding was defined as industriogeneous desert. In 2017 on three designated testing grounds with diversified degree of contamination (see: map) of joint area of 1.5 ha, planted were jointly 6550 seedlings of chosen species of trees and bushes which were likely to survive in those conditions. In the first vegetative season, despite extremely long-lasting drought and high temperatures, the seedlings showed high survivability. It amounted 82% on industriogeneous desert (testing ground C) and 90-95% on forest testing grounds (A and B). Maples stood out among other trees with proper development and condition. The highest seedlings, especially mountain ash, birch and European red elder already in August had burnt top shoots and numerous necroses on leaves. Introduction of plants – hyperaccumulators of heavy metals, especially on industriogeneous desert will influence positively on condition and development of seedlings in future vegetative seasons.

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Organizational learning in developing the integrated quality management

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Do-It-Yourself Terrorism. How Do Terrorist Organizations Inspire, Support and Teach Their European Supporters via Internet?

REFERENCES Bari Atwan, A., 2015. Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate , Saqi Books, Londyn. Bloom, M., 2017. Constructing Expertise: Terrorist Recruitment and “Talent Spotting” in the PIRA, Al Qaeda, and ISIS . Studies In Conflict & Terrorism, 40(7), 603-623, DOI: 10.1080/1057610X.2016.1237219. Al-Naba, no. 106. Babbie, E., 2009. The Basics of Social Research . PWN, Warszawa. How to survive in the West. A mujahid Guide, https

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