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Recognizing and Imitating Programmer Style: Adversaries in Program Authorship Attribution

): 12. [5] Caliskan-Islam, Aylin, Richard Harang, Andrew Liu, Arvind Narayanan, Clare Voss, Fabian Yamaguchi, and Rachel Greenstadt. “De-anonymizing programmers via code stylometry.” 24th USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 15). 2015. [6] Caliskan-Islam, Aylin, Fabian Yamaguchi, Edwin Dauber, Richard Harang, Konrad Rieck, Rachel Greenstadt, and Arvind Narayanan. “When coding style survives compilation: De-anonymizing programmers from executable binaries.” arXiv preprint arXiv:1512.08546 (2015). [7] https

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The Onion Name System
Tor-powered Decentralized DNS for Tor Onion Services

] Michael T Goodrich, Roberto Tamassia, and Andrew Schwerin, Implementation of an authenticated dictionary with skip lists and commutative hashing, DARPA Information Survivability Conference & Exposition II, 2001. DISCEX’01. Proceedings, vol. 2, IEEE, 2001, pp. 68-82. [15] David Goulet and George Kadianakis, Random number generation during tor voting,, 2015. [16] katmagic, Shallot,, 2012. [17

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Dropping on the Edge: Flexibility and Traffic Confirmation in Onion Routing Protocols

and defenses. In Proceedings of ESORICS 2006 , September 2006. [50] P. Syverson, M. Reed, and D. Goldschlag. Onion Routing access configurations. In Proceedings of the DARPA Information Survivability Conference and Exposition (DISCEX 2000) , volume 1, pages 34–40. IEEE CS Press, 2000. [51] P. Syverson, G. Tsudik, M. Reed, and C. Landwehr. Towards an Analysis of Onion Routing Security. In H. Federrath, editor, Proceedings of Designing Privacy Enhancing Technologies: Workshop on Design Issues in Anonymity and Unobservability , pages 96–114. Springer

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Systematizing Decentralization and Privacy: Lessons from 15 Years of Research and Deployments

and Implementation , 2012. [174] M. K. Wright, M. Adler, B. N. Levine, and C. Shields. An analysis of the degradation of anonymous protocols. In Network and Distributed System Security Symposium , 2002. [175] M. K. Wright, M. Adler, B. N. Levine, and C. Shields. The predecessor attack: An analysis of a threat to anonymous communications systems. ACM Trans. Inf. Syst. Secur. , 2004. [176] J. J. Wylie, M. W. Bigrigg, J. D. Strunk, G. R. Ganger, H. Kiliççöte, and P. K. Khosla. Survivable information storage systems. IEEE Computer , 2000. [177

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Safe Open Science for Restricted Data

, November). Toward a Threat Model for Storage Systems. Proc. of 2005 ACM Workshop on Storage Security and Survivability (pp. 94-102). New York, NY, USA: ACM. Hasan R. Myagmar S. Lee A. J. Yurcik W. (2005, November) Toward a Threat Model for Storage Systems Proc. of 2005 ACM Workshop on Storage Security and Survivability 94 102 New York, NY, USA ACM Hill, R., Hansen, M., Janssen, E., Senders, S. A., Heiman, J. R., & Xiong, L. (2013, July). An empirical analysis of a differentially private social science dataset. In Proc. of PETools

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Information Security Compliance in Organizations: An Institutional Perspective

organization. Commitment from top management is significant for information security compliance in organizations, since their decisions usually drive the operational practices across the organisation. Failing to understand information security as a core competency in organizations could have a direct implications for business survivability ( Kajava et al., 2007 ; Gupta, 2008 ). Senior management should provide visible support and real commitment towards information security compliance in their organizations. Management commitment is an internalised organizational pressure

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To Phrase or Not to Phrase – Impact of User versus System Term Dependence upon Retrieval

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