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century since its first release in the US for the book of Raul Hilberg Zagłada Żydów europejskich (The Destruction of the European Jews) . It is the study of the Holocaust, presented in the form of a description of the process that took place in Europe before and during World War II . The author, who came from a family of Galician Jews, was one of the victims of the Holocaust . To survive, he and his family were forced to emigrate from Europe . He came to the continent again as an American soldier . After the war, he received his promotion to intelligence officer

international project Oral History: Fates of Those Who Survived (1995–7) ( Salner 1997 ; Vrzgulova 2005 , 2016 ), I began discovering the previously unknown faces of my surroundings, and I am still on this discovery trip. As an ethnologist, I meet and talk to people. And since I am interested in their interpretations and observations of their own life stories, I am intrigued by how large historic events are reflected in personal histories. Over the past 20 years, I have conducted hundreds of interviews using mainly oral history or the biographical method. I seek to

Benedict Option ( Dreher, 2017 ). Dreher also tries to popularize his ideas in his regular blog in “The American Conservative” and in articles in liberal media like “The New York Times.” A good illustration of his ideas can be found in his article “What Must Survive a Corrupt Catholic Church,” published in The New York Times ( Dreher, 2018 ). It is a good illustration of Dreher’s conservative ideology. First of all, he mentions why he converted to Catholicism as a young man: “When I converted to Catholicism in my 20s, I seized my faith like a sword to be wielded against

showed that Nila Wahdati is having a problem with her identity as an Afghan woman. It is due to the strick, and her bad opinion about the leader of Afgan. In this case is the King Mullah, that rule during the time. The migration process is happened because of her hatred toward the country itself. As for the acceptance, Nila does not find any difficulties in her early life living as a French who bring her stepdaughter, Pari to live and survive in the host country. In this novel, Hosseini depicts the problem of identity through the two female characters, Nila

statement of Janu Priyatno, the leader of PT. Mutiara Agam, who rejected PN's decision and requested legal protection for the company. His statement triggered Manggopoh farmers to react more violently. The Manggopoh farming community is very disappointed with the statement of PT. Mutiara Agam, which always survives for legal reasons. While they do not respect state law, they ignore the decision of the Lubukbasung District Court. On Monday, November 30, 2009, the meeting of the two sides was held again. The meeting was expected to grant the demands of Manggopoh

from Indonesia. Interaction and economic transactions between people in both countries in this border proved to be the implementation of Parson's systems theory. Each citizen has his role with the resources to meet the needs of each other, resulting in communication and transaction. As a result, although they have different backgrounds countries they still have the integrity to work together because they have the same values, such as the life needs values that must be fulfilled to survive. Survival is what makes them always want to create peace in economic

female fighter holding the Namibian national flag as well as a second bronze sculpture of three civilians carrying ammunition and food to combatants ( Becker 2011 , 534). This statue is, according to Becker, the first in Namibia to present civilians not as hapless victims but as agents in action working to change history. Across cultures, women are often celebrated as heroic in protecting their families, helping resistance fighters, and generally surviving many hardships. In long guerilla wars, simply surviving oppression and violence can turn victims into heroes. We

not a bounded entity but as an intersection of these flows. The informational network of Bajo sea-people demonstrates the hybridity and syncretism of this everyday locality. It also shows how this global sense of place is a growing sense of place which avoids defensive and exclusionary definitions of place and culture because they cannot survive in a world where understanding a place means understanding its connection to other places. The meaning of hybridity in informational network The informational network is the way in which nations offer a sense of

, thus, this gravesite could be said to survive from the incident [2]. There are 12 graves, and all of them are well decorated and the bigger ones are decorated with certain patterns. What are the decorative forms found at Kandang XII graves? What do the decorations signify? How do the decorations relate to social groups and dynamism took place in the Kingdom of Acheh Darussalam in 16th century AD. as the Sultan ruling was buried? What is the burial decoration potency in developing a creative industry, particularly, batik, in Acheh Darussalam at the moment? Such

that are bound to a certain space and time. Meanwhile, the paradigmatic dimension can be seen from the structuring methods that repeatedly occur in the reproduction process. Therefore structure refers to the nature of structuring, which gives a systemic form to similar social activities and which enables them to survive across space and time [6]. While the social system is related to social practices, namely, social practices that are reproduced [4], social practice is bound by time and space. Reproduced social practices are activities that are bound to a