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This paper examines results of the sulphate sulphur content and its concentration in soil water from the beech forests situated in the Štiavnicke vrchy Mts in Slovakia. The S-SO4 2- content in bulk precipitation, throughfall and soil water for 1989-2007 was studied in these beech stands and open plots. The highest SO4 2- values were found in the forest stand plot at 0.25 m depth (42.03 mg.l-1 in 1988), and the average sulphate sulphur content in soil water increased with soil depth; from 20.2 kg.ha-1.yr-1 at the surface to 28.5 kg.ha-1.yr-1 at 0.25m depth. The mean S-SO42- concentration was 20.7 mg.l-1 in the surface humus and 30.84 mg.l-1 at 0.25m. There was an imput of 538.5 kg S-SO4 2-.ha-1 to the soil during the study period. Regression analysis revealed a statistically significant influence of sulphur content in the atmospheric deposition on the sulphur content in the soil water. A significant correlation between the precipitation amount and the content of sulphur in precipitation and in soil water was observed. The Student‘s t-test for dependent variables confirmed statistically significant differences between the sulphur content in soil water at 0.10 m and 0.25 m depths in these study areas. Finally, no significant differences were detected at the same plot in different study years