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Biomass production and characteristics of short rotation plantations of clones of Gmelina arborea in three spacings

:// Vallejos J, R Moya and R Serrano (2015) Effects of thinning on diameter, heartwood, density and drying defects of Gmelina arborea. Maderas Ciencia y Tecnología 17(2):365-372. Wang YP and Jarvis PG (1990) Influence of crown structural properties on PAR absorption, photosynthesis, and transpiration in Sitka spruce: application of a model (MAESTRO). Tree Physiology 7(1–4):297–316. Weiss M, F Baret, GJ Smith, I Jonckheere and P Coppin

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Effect of pre-treatment on the generation of dipeptidyl peptidase-IV- and prolyl endopeptidase-inhibitory hydrolysates from bovine lung

., Scharpé, S. and De Meester, I. 2003. Di-peptidyl-peptidase IV from bench to bedside: an update on structural properties, functions, and clinical aspects of the enzyme DPP IV. Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences 40 : 209-294. 10.1080/713609354 Lambeir A.M. Durinx C. Scharpé S. De Meester I. 2003 Di-peptidyl-peptidase IV from bench to bedside: an update on structural properties, functions, and clinical aspects of the enzyme DPP IV Critical Reviews in Clinical Laboratory Sciences 40 209 294 Lawandi, J., Gerber-Lemaire, S., Juillerat

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A methodological framework to determine optimum durations for the construction of soil water characteristic curves using centrifugation

threshold cannot be established from the treatments described herein. As the P -value is approaching the significance threshold, the methodological framework suggests that the optimum duration for this soil may be close to the 72-h treatment already applied. These results demonstrate the difference between two sites that have similar textures but different structural properties. Based on the outcomes of the current study, additional replicates of soil samples should be collected to facilitate longer durations if needed. The methodological framework defined herein

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Spatial distribution of regeneration patches in old growth oriental beech forests in northern Iran


Regeneration patches have key role in forest stand dynamic, new findings about the structural properties of patches can be useful in forest ecosystem management. We quantified the spatial and structural pattern of regeneration patches in old growth beech stands in a Gorazbon forest in the northern Iran. 461 patches were measured that covered 8.3% of total forest area. Patch size varied from 55 m2 to 2987 m2. The majority of the patches were small; 71.6% were less than the mean patch area of 1330 m2 and were belonged to sapling patches (N = 295), also 166 seedling patches were recorded. The results showed that the major distribution pattern of patches in different compartments was random and patchy. These results confirm this fact that human activity and natural disturbances should be providing a homogenous spatial distribution pattern of patches in the high spatial scale. However among different forest stand and compartments spatial pattern of patches change randomly, that can create the natural situation and near to nature structure in beech stands

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The usefulness of different wood species for bow manufacturing

D., Evans R., Niemz P. 2009. Microstructural properties of common yew and Norway spruce determined with Silviscan. IAWA J. 30, 165-178. Keunecke D., Hering S., Niemz P. 2008a. Three-dimensional elastic behaviour of common yew and Norway spruce. Wood Science and Technology, 42, 633-647. Keunecke D., Niemz P. 2008b. Axial stiffness and selected structural properties of yew and spruce microtensile specimens. Wood Research, 53, 1-14. Keunecke D., Märki C., Niemz P. 2007a. Structural and mechanical properties of yew wood

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Selected Properties of Single- and Double-Extruded Potato Starch

., Krokida M.K., Pappa A., Maroulis Z.B., Structural properties of extruded corn starch. J. Food Eng., 2005, 68, 519-526. Willett J.L., Millard M.M., Jasberg B.K., Extrusion of waxy maize starch: melt rheology and molecular weight degradation of amylopectin. Polymer, 1997, 38, 5983-5989. Wójtowicz A., Influence of some fu nctional components addition on the microstructure of precooked pasta. Pol. J. Food Nutr. Sci., 2005, 4, 417-422. Zięba T, Kapelko M., Jecewicz K., Styczyńska M., Properties of

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The amount of carbon in the undergrowth biomass of main types of forests stands in Poland

-Piceetum community. Polish Ecological Studies , 21 (2), 195–204. Czerwiński Z., Pracz J. 1995d. Content of mineral elements in the overground parts of herb layer plants in the community of Vaccinio uliginosi-Pinetum Kleist 1929. Polish Ecological Studies , 21 (2), 221–226. Dyguś K.H., Traczyk H. 1995. Structural properties and herb layer production in the community of Vaccinio uliginosi-Pinetum Kleist 1929. Polish Ecological Studies , 21 (2), 213–219. Galiński W. 1995. Carbon balance in forest ecosystems in Poland – comparison of years 1989, 1990 i 1991

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Influence of High Pressure or Autoclaving-Cooling Cycles and Pullulanase Treatment on Buckwheat Starch Properties and Resistant Starch Formation

digestibility and changes in physicochemical and structural properties of common buckwheat starch affected by high hydrostatic pressure. Carbohydr. Polym., 2016, 144, 1–8. 17. Morrison W.R., Laignelet B., An improved colorimetric procedure for determining apparent and total amylose in cereal and other starches. J. Cereal Sci., 1983, 1, 9–20. 18. Ozturk S., Koksel H., Kahraman K., Ng P.K.W., Effect of debranching and heat treatments on formation and functional properties on resistant starch from high-amylose corn starches. Eur. Food Res. Technol., 2009, 299, 115

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Application Perspectives of the Leaf Area Index (LAI) Estimated by the Hemiview System in Forestry

lodgepole and loblolly pine stands. Tree , 9 pp. 119-122. 28. Smith, M.L., Anderson, J., Fladeland, M. (2008). Forest Canopy Structural Properties in C.M. Hoover (ed.) Field Measurements for Forest Carbon Monitoring , © Springer Science + Business Media B.V., pp. 179-196. 29. Solberg, S., Naessset, E., Hanssen, K.H. and Christiansen, E. (2006). Mapping defoliation during a severe insect attack on Scots pine using airborne laser scanning. Remote Sensing of Environment , 102, pp. 364–376. 30. Thomas, S.C., Winner, W.E. (2000). Leaf area index of an old

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Influence of Sugars, Modified Starches and Hydrocolloids Addition on Colour and Thermal Properties of Raspberry Cream Fillings

foods. Chem. Ind., 1976, 24, 1046–1048. 20. Levine H., Slade L., Influence of glassy and rubbery states on the thermal, mechanical and structural properties of doughs and baked products. 1989, in: Dough Rheology and Baked Product Texture, Theory and Practice (eds. H. Faridi, J.M. Faubion). AVI Pub. Co., New York, pp. 157–160. 21. Lewis M.J., Physical Properties Of Food And Food Processing Systems. 1987, Chi Chester Ellis Horwood Ltd, p. 108. 22. Lim H., Setser C.S., Paukstelis J.V., Sobczynska D., Nuclear magnetic resonance studies on wheat starch

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