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A Structural Model of Reconstituted Tobacco Substantiated by Ultrasonic Interrogation


The theoretical model and experimental results, as tabulated in Table 1, lead to the following conclusions concerning the elastic and structural properties of the examined reconstituted tobaccos:

The vehicle of ultrasonic interrogation of reconstituted materials proved to be efficacious. In total, the authors observed the advantages of this mode of experimentation to be:

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Computing topological indices of the line graphs of Banana tree graph and Firecracker graph

mathematical approach Journal of Mathematical Chemistry 52 4 1059 1065 10.1007/s10910-013-0285-x [6] N. Cohen, D. Dimitrov, R. Krakovski, R. Škrekovski and V. Vukašinović, (2010), On Wiener Index of Graphs and Their Line Graphs , MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry, 64, No 3, 683-698. Cohen N. Dimitrov D. Krakovski R. Škrekovski R. Vukašinović V. 2010 On Wiener Index of Graphs and Their Line Graphs MATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry 64 3 683 698 [7] D. Dimitrov, (2016), On structural properties of trees with

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Revan and hyper-Revan indices of Octahedral and icosahedral networks

large number of topological indices which are classified based on the structural properties of the graphs used for their calculations. In general, they are classified into distance-based topological indices, degree-based topological indices and counting related indices of graphs. The degree-based topological indices, which have reliable predicting power and thus they have been employed in deriving multi-linear regression models for statistical correlation of properties. The topological indices such as atom-bond connectivity and geometric-arithmetic are also used to

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The Composition of Cigarette Smoke: A Catalogue of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

similarity based on notation similarity; J. Math. Chem. 2 (1988) 155–169; Herndon, W.C., P.C. Nowak, D.A. Connor, and P. Lin; Empirical model calculations for thermodynamic and structural pro-perties of condensed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons; J. Am. Chem. Soc. 114 (1992) 41–47; Herndon, W.C. and L.V. Szentpaly: Theoretical model of activation of carcinogenic polycyclic benzenoid aromatic hydro-carbons. Possible new classes of carcinogenic aromatic hydrocarbons; J. Molecul. Structure (Theochem) 148 (1986) 141–152; Structure-property relationships in polycyclic aromatics

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