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Collected Pollen in their Feeding. Scientific Papers: Animal Science and Biotechnologies, 46(2):108-113. Jagdish B., Purvi M., Pooja P., Vrinda S., Hiren H., 2017. Comparative studies on structural properties and antimicrobial potential of spinel ferrite nanoparticles synthesized using various methods. AIP Conference Proceedings 1873, India, ISBN: 978-0-7354-1507-2. Kacaniova M., Vuković N., Chlebo R., Haščik P., Rovna K., Cubon J., Džugan M., Pasternakiewicz A., 2012. The antimicrobial activity of honey bee pollen, loads and bees wax from Slovakia. Archives of Biological

sophisticated statistical techniques (clustering, scaling methods, vector distance, and regression, etc.) cost-efficient for automatic analysis that matches the velocity of social media data stream? If not, is there a better solution? Brillouin (1962) asserted that the methods of this theory cannot be introduced to investigate the process of thought due to the elimination of the human element. The entropic method was indeed applied as a standalone analytical tool for structural properties for more than half century, if was not misused for interpretation of semantic value. 3

. (2014). Mechanical durability of pellets and briquettes made from a miscanthus mixture without and with the separation of long particles. Polish Society of Agricultural Engineering, 1 , 93-100. Liu, J., Qiao E. (2010). A statistical study of the relation between soft X-ray excess and accretion disk. Science China Physics, Mechanics and Astronomy, 53 (1),102-105. Matuchova, M., Zdansky, K., Zavadil, J., Danilewsky, A., Maixner, J., Alexiev, D. (2009). Electrical, optical and structural properties of lead iodide. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics