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Recent Challenges of the Ecosystems Services Approach from an Interdisciplinary Point of View

structural properties but are also viewed in a spatial and procedural context. Thus, the spatial units constituting the landscape mosaic are perceived as “budget-related functional units (‘process units’)” ( Mosimann/Köhler/Poppe 2001 : 37), which are integrated into a lateral process structure. The involvement of neighbourhood effects between the respective process units not only allows the mapping of spatial function overlaps, but also the transition from an isolated consideration of individual functions related to discrete area units to a context-oriented, spatially

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Analytical Sketches on Chopin: 4 Scherzos, 4 Ballades, Fantasia in F minor, Barcarole in F sharp major

Chopinowskie szkice analityczne: 4 "Scherza", 4 "Ballady", "Fantazja f-moll", "Barkarola Fis-dur"

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Semi-Rigid Steel Frames Located in Seismic Areas


The realistic response of the steel frames cannot always be investigated with idealized rigid or articulated joints. For sideways loads, significant calculation errors may occur if the modeling of the joints does not take into account their most realistic behaviour. The use of semi-rigid joints, both in design and construction, can result in favourable structural properties in the case of steel frames, especially in seismic areas.

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Acute toxicity of experimental fertilizers made of blood meal, spent coffee ground and biomass ash

References BALLESTEROS L.F., TEIXEIRA J.A., MUSSATTO S.I. 2014. Chemical, functional, and structural properties of spent coffee grounds and coffee silverskin. Food and Bioprocess Technology. Vol. 7. Iss. 12 p. 3493-3503. DOI 10.1007/s11947-014-1349-z. CAETANO N.S., SILVA V.M.F., MELO A.C., MARTINS A.A., MATA T.M. 2014. Spent coffee grounds for biodiesel production and other applications. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy. Vol. 16 p. 1423-1430. DOI 10.1007/s10098-014-0773-0. CIESIELCZUK T., ROSIK

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Regional Economic Resilience: European Experiences and Policy Issues

evolving region. London. Cooke P. 2012 Complex adaptive innovation systems: Relatedness and transversality in the evolving region London Cooke, P.; de Propris, L. (2011 ): A policy agenda for EU smart growth: the role of creative and cultural industries. In: Policy Studies 32(4), 365–375. Cooke P de Propris, L. 2011 A policy agenda for EU smart growth: the role of creative and cultural industries Policy Studies 32 4 365 375 Crespo, J.; Suire, R.; Vicente, J. (2013): Lock-in or lock-out? How structural properties of knowledge networks

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How do cities and regions adapt to socio-economic crisis? Towards an institutionalist approach to urban and regional resilience

.2 Resilience and new institutionalism Understanding urban resilience only in terms of structural properties is inadequate when one assumes that the world is socially constructed. If we perceive socio-economic resilience as being linked to those properties of the system that maintain the success and continuous existence of the system, new institutionalism could possibly help to focus research agendas in urban and regional studies. We could see resilience as a long term systemic 'capacity', closely related to an institutional environment being supportive of the constant

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Settlement Type and Educational Effectiveness of Polish Schools on the Example of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivoideship

human actions and a means by which they are made possible ( Giddens, 2003 ). According to the theory of structuration, actors reproduce structural properties while at the same time recreating the conditions that allow a given action to take place. They are aware of what they are doing, but they are not necessarily able to predict all of the consequences of their actions ( Giddens, 2003 ). This would explain the relative durability of cultural differences between rural and urban areas, despite actual changes and deliberate efforts (especially educational ones) aimed at

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Spatial analysis and urban land use planning emphasising hospital site selection: a case study of Isfahan city

structural status of hospitals was done in terms of building skeleton, construction date, structural quality, quality of materials used in construction, configuration and access to hospital facilities. Type of building skeleton and the structural quality of hospitals in Isfahan Type of building materials, resistance, structural properties and architecture of building relate to land type and the seismic properties of the region, and affect the level of vulnerability to natural disasters. The disproportion between regional vulnerability and quality of building

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