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Viable, Sustainable or Resilient?
Understanding the hyperlocal business ecosystem

]. Aguiar M. de & Stearns J. 2016 November 2). Lessons learned from the local news lab: Building a more collaborative news ecosystem. Local News Lab [blog] 2018 January 12 Amit, R. & Zott, C. (2001). Value creation in E-business. Strategic Management Journal , 22(6−7): 493−520. 10.1002/smj.187 Amit R. & Zott C. 2001 Value creation in E-business Strategic Management Journal 22 6−7 493 520 Anderson, C. W. (2010). Journalistic networks and the diffusion of local

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Unboxing news automation
Exploring imagined affordances of automation in news journalism

Klein, H. K. & Kleinman, D. L. (2002). The social construction of technology: Structural considerations. Science, Technology, & Human Values 27(1): 28-52. 10.1177/016224390202700102 Klein H. K. & Kleinman D. L. 2002 The social construction of technology: Structural considerations Science, Technology, & Human Values 27 1 28 52 Küng, L. (2017). Strategic management in the media: Theory to practice . London: Sage Publications. Küng L. 2017 Strategic management in the media: Theory to practice London Sage Publications LeCompte, C

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Mediatization of Power: Corporate CEOs in Flexible Capitalism

: Concentrated Power in Top Management Teams. Organisation Studies 28: 1197-1220. Gunther, M.P., & Grandy, G. (2009) ‘The Media's Construction of CEO Infamy’, Journal of Strategic Management 2(4): 300-328. Harvey, D. (1990) The Condition of Postmodernity : An Enquiry into the Origins of Cultural Change . Cambridge, MA: Blackwell, Haslam, S.A., Reicher, S., & Platow, M.J. (2011) The New Psychology of Leadership: Identity, Influence and Power. New York: Taylor and Francis Group. Hayward, M.L.A., Rindova, V.P., & Pollock, T.G. (2004) ‘Believing One's Own Press

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Dispute about Public Relations - Between Social and Marketing Communication

References GAWROŃSKI S., Media relations. Współpraca dziennikarzy I specjalistów PR., Wydawnictwo WSIiZ, Rzeszów 2006. GAWROŃSKI S., Pozabiznesowe obszary wykorzystywania komunikacji marketingowej w warunkach polskich. Wybraneaspekty, Aspra, Warszawa 2013. GRUNIG J. E., Public relations and strategic management. Institutionalizing organization - public relationships in contemporary society, “Central European Journal of Communication”, Nr 4/2011. GRUNING J. E. , GRUNING L. A., DOZIER D. M., Das

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