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Trends of Corporate Mission Statements: From pursuing profit to distinctive and social value

. J., Premo, K. M., (2010). Current mission statement emphasis: Be ethical and go global, Academy of Strategic Management Journal , 9(2), pp. 73-90. [12] Landis, J. R., & Koch, G. G., (1977). The measurement of observer agreement for categorical data, Biometrics , 33(1), pp. 159-74. [13] Law, K. M. Y., & Brenznik, K., (2018). What do airline mission statements reveal about value and strategy?, Journal of Air Transport Management , 70, pp. 36-44. [14] Lin, Y. H., Ryan, C., Wise, N., Low, L. W., (2018). A content analysis of airline mission

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Institutional Logics as orchestras’ strategic dilemma


In many societies, professional orchestras serve cultural, educational, entertaining, and economic functions, and they aim high: they aim to be artistically excellent. Pursuing partly cultural, social and economic goals, orchestras are exposed simultaneously to respective institutional logics. These logics provide a framework for relevant actors (state, benefactors, audiences) to support orchestras. Changing logics coupled with drastic changes in audiences afford to classical orchestras the challenge of developing strategies in order to survive. While Germany with its high number of orchestras per habitants experiences particularly high pressure to walk new paths, strategic development will become a more urgent topic in other countries as well since each performance begs for recognition in the big and increasing panoply of culture, education, and entertainment. Based on historical developments and an empirical study of German audiences we discuss two directions for strategic development, here for orchestras in Germany: a) the combination of elements from different logics, and b) the development of audiences.

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The Papris Methodology Verification Using The Implementation Of Specific Information System For Public Administration

-4387 Štrach, P. (2007): Tvorba výukových a výzkumných případových studií, Acta Oeconomica Pragensia, Vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 22-36. Vlček, P. (2005): Process Analysis and Public Administration, Mezinárodní konference Strategic management and its support by information systems, Čeladná 2005, 7.-9.9., ISBN 80-248-08773 Vlček, P. (2010): Process Analysis as an Optimalization Support in Public Administration, 9th WSEAS International Conference on DATA NETWORKS, COMMUNICATIONS, COMPUTERRS (DNCOCO ´10), University of Algarve, Faro, 3.-5.12.2010, ISSN

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Selling the Arc of Crisis: Promoting Foreign Policy Change during the Carter Presidency

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Knowledge Management and Organizational Culture: An Exploratory Study

practice. Communications of the Association for Information Systems 4(7), 1-76. Grant, R. M. (1996). Toward a knowledge-based theory of the firm. Strategic management journal, 17, 109-122. Hansen, M., T., Nohria, N., & Tierney, T. (1999). What’s your strategy for managing knowledge? Harvard Bussiness Review, 106-116 (March). Hazlett, S. A., McAdam, R., & Gallagher, S. (2005). Theory building in knowledge management in search of paradigms. Journal of Management Inquiry, 14(1), 31-42. Janáková, H. (2012

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The Future of Rural Poland: the Main Trends and Possible Scenarios.

development experiences in south-eastern Galicia’, Journal of Urban and Regional Analysis V(2): 169 – 192. Postma, T. J. B. M. & Loebl, F. 2005 ‘How to improve scenario analysis as a strategic management tool?’ Technological Forecasting and Social Change 72: 161-173. Rienks, W. (ed.) 2008 The future of rural Europe – an anthology based on the results of the Eururalis 2.0 scenario study, Wageningen: Alterra. Ringland, G. 1998 Scenario Planning: Managing for the Future, Wiley & Sons Rotmans, J., van Asselt, M., Anastasi, Ch., Greeuw, S., Mellors, J

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Managing ambidexterity in internationalisation of SMEs from an emerging country: A dynamic capability perspective

comparative logic, Academy of Management Review , 16(3), pp. 620–627. [11] Eisenhardt, K. M. and Graebner, M. E., (2007). Theory building from cases: Opportunities and challenges, Academy of Management Journal , 50(1), pp. 25–32. [12] Eisenhardt, K. M. and Martin, J. A., (2000). Dynamic capabilities: What are they?, Strategic Management Journal , pp. 1105-1121. [13] He, Z. L. and Wong, P. K., (2004). Exploration vs. exploitation: An empirical test of the ambidexterity hypothesis, Organization Science , 15(4), pp. 481–494. [14] Jiménez, A. and

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Conceptual framework of value creation through CSR in separate member of value creation chain

:// Barin-Cruz, L., Pedrozo, E.A. and Estivalete, V.F.B., 2006: Towards sustainable development strategies: a complex view following the contribution of Edgar Morin. In: Management Decision , Vol. 44, No. 7, pp. 871-91. DOI: Blankenburg Holm, D., Eriksson, K. and Johanson J., 1999: Creating value through mutual commitment to business network relationships. In: Strategic Management Journal , Vol. 20, No. 5, pp. 467-486. DOI:

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A Decision-making Model for Public Management. The Existence of a Policy Framework for Performance in Romania

) The New Public Governance? Emerging Perspectives in the Theory and Practice of Public Governance . New York: Routledge. Guvernul României (2007) ‘Planul Național de Dezvoltare, 2007-2013’, (16, February, 2014) Pollitt, C. and G. Bouckaert (2004) Public Management Reform: A Comparative Analysis . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Poister, T. H. and D. M. Van Slyke (2002) ‘Strategic Management Innovations in State Transportation Departments’. Public Performance and Management Review , 26

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Strategic on Management Scientific Publication of Student Journal in Higher Education (a Case Study)

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