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Marketing support of decision-making at the forest enterprise: A case study on roundwood assortments portfolio

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Porter’s Competitive Advantage Model and its Application in Bottled Drinking Water in Iran

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Effect of Vertical Integration on Multidimensional Well‑being of Fish Farmers in Lagos State Fish‑hub, Nigeria

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The Role of Public Relations in the Delivery of Forestry Services in Ghana

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Business Model for Czech Agribusiness

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Performance Assessment in Business of Agricultural Companies using Balanced Scorecard Model

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Study on Promoting Companies Specialized in the Production of Wine From IA§I County (Romania) by Implementing Online Marketing (Case Study)

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Ways of Human Resource Branding in Czech Agricultural Companies

:// Accessed 15 April, 2009 Kachaňáková A, Stachová K (2011): Organizational culture analysis in companies operating in Slovakia. Scientia Agriculturae Bohemica, 2, 87-92. Keller KL (2007): Strategic management of brand. Grada Publishing, Prague. (in Czech) Klementová P (2008): How to find talent employees?>. Accessed 15 June, 2014 Konczal E. (2008): What is employer branding? Accessed 23 October

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