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Competitive Advantage in the Magazine Publishing Business
A Resource-Based Perspective

References Amit, R. and Schoemaker, P. (1993) Strategic Assets and Organizational Rent. Strategic Management Journal, Vol. 14. Barney, J. (1991) Firm Resources and Sustained Competitive Advantage. Journal of Management, 17(1). Barney, J. (1994) Bringing Managers Back in: A Resource-Based Analysis of the Role of Managers in Creating and Sustaining Competitive Advantages of Firms. In Does Management Matter? - On Competencies and Competitive Advantage. Lund: Lund University, Institute of Economic Research

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Editor, Executive and Entrepreneur
Strategic Paradoxes in the Digital Age

References Ansoff, H. Igor (1991). Critique of Henry Mintzberg’s ‘The Design School: Reconsidering the Basic Premises of Strategic Management’. Strategic Management Journal, 12 , 449-461. Ansoff, H. Igor (1994). Comment on Henry Mintzberg’s ‘Rethinking Strategic Planning’. Long Range Planning, 27 (3), 31-32. Benner, Mary J., & Tushman, Michael L. (2003). Exploitation, exploration, and process management: The productivity dilemma revisited. Academy of Management Review , 28 (2), 238-256. Birkinshaw, Julian, & Gupta, Kamini (2013

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How to Succeed with Film Production in the Regions?
A Study of Key Success Factors in the Norwegian Regional Film Business

, John Thornton (2008). Production culture: industrial reflexivity and critical practice in film and television . Durham: Duke University Press. Caves, Richard E. (2003). Contracts between art and commerce. The Journal of Economic Perspectives, 17(2): 73-83. Chan-Olmsted, Sylvia M. (2008). Issues in strategic management, pp. 161-181 in Handbook of media management and economics New Jersey: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Collins, Alan; Hand, Chris, & Snell, Martin C. (2002). What makes a blockbuster? Economic analysis of film success in the United

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Internet Between Utopia and Dystopia
The Narratives of Control

Technology’, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 18 (3-4), 285-298. Brown, N., & Michael, M. (2003) ‘A Sociology of Expectations: Retrospecting Prospects and Prospecting Retrospects’, Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 15 (1), 3-18. Brown, N., Rappert, B., & Webster, A. (2000) Contested Futures. A Sociology of Prospective Techno-Science . Aldershot: Ashgate. Callon, M. (1998) ‘An Essay on Framing and Overflowing: Economic Externalities Revisited by Sociology’, in M. Callon (ed.) The Laws of the Market

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Nice to Have – or Need to Have?
The Professional Challenges of the Communication Sector

) ’Public Relations vs. Marketing’, Mediekultur vol. 20. Grunig, James E. (2000) ‘Collectivism, Collaboration, and Societal Corporatism as Cores Professional Values in Public Relations’, Journal of Public Relations Research , vol. 12(1), pp. 23-48. Grunig, James E. & Larissa A. Grunig (2000) ‘Public Relations in Strategic Management and Strategic Management in Public Relations: Theory and Evidence from the IABC Excellence Project’, Journalism Studies , vol. 1(2), pp. 303-321. Grunig, James E., & T. Hunt (1984) Managing Public Relations , New York

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Ownership Concentration in the TV Industry
A Case Study on the Limitations of Media Policy

References Ansoff, I., & E. McDonnell (1990) Implanting Strategic Management. London: Prentice-Hall. Aslama, M., H. Hellman. T. Sauri (2004) Digitalizing Diversity: Public Service Strategies and Television Program Supply in Finland in 2002, The International Journal on Media Management, volume 6, No 3 & 4, 2004. Bagdikian, B.H. (2004) The New Media Monopoly. Boston: Beacon Press. Blondel, J. (1987) Political Leadership. Beverly Hills: Sage Brunsson, N. (1989) The Organization of

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High Risk, Strong Belief
Images of the Future in the Media Industry

Design . Harlow: Addison-Wesley. Hunger, J.D., and Wheelen, T.L. (2007) Essentials of Strategic Management . New Jersey: Pearson. Jenkins, H. (2006) Convergence Culture. Where Old and New Media Collide. New York: New York University Press. Jensen, J.F., and Toscan, C. (eds.) (1999) Interactive Television. TV of the Future or the Future of TV? Aalborg: Aalborg University Press. Jones, J. (2004) ‘Emerging Platform Identities: Big Brother UK and Interactive Multi-Platform Usage’, in Mathijs, E. and Jones, J. (ed) Big Brother International

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Sustainable Oil and Profitable Wind
The communication of corporate responsibilities as inverted positioning

Change, Strategic Action, and Organizational Renewal. Strategic Management Journal, 13: 15-36, DOI:10.1002/smj.4250131004 Basil, Debra Z. & Erlandson, Jill (2008). Corporate Social Responsibility Website Representations: A Longitudinal Study of Internal and External Self-presentations. Journal of Marketing Communications, 14: 125-137, DOI:10.1080/13527260701858497 Baumeister, Roy F. & Jones, Edward E. (1978). When Self-presentation is Constrained by the Target’s Knowledge: Consistency and Compensation. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 36

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Popularizing the Internet
Traveling Companions Supporting the Good News

., & Gussin, Phil (2007). In the Eye of the Beholder: How Information Shortcuts Shape Individual Perceptions of Bias in the Media. Quarterly Journal of Political Science (3), 1-31. Berman, Morris (1978). Social Change and Scientific Organization: The Royal Institution, 1799-1844 . London: Heinemann Educational Books. Borup, Mads, Brown, Nik, Konrad, Kornelia, & Lente, Harro van (2006). The Sociology of Expectations in Science and Technology. Technology Analysis & Strategic Management, 18 (3-4), 285-298. Daling, Unn Kristin, & Thomassen, Øyvind (2006

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Research on Organizational Communication
The Case of Sweden

: Elander Gotab. Emanuelsson, E. & Karlsson, K. (1993) Informatörer inför 90-talet. [Public Relations practitioners facing the 90s] Göteborg University: Department of Journalism and Mass Communication. Erikson, P. (2002) Planerad kommunikation. Strategiskt ledningsstöd i företag och organisationer. [Planned communication. Strategic management support in private companies and organizations] Malmö: Liber. Eriksson, M. (2003) Från ingenjörskonst till informatörskonst: studier av PR och riskkommunikation. [From Engineering to

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